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Under Age Club Records are determined as the age on the day of the performance - not the competition age group (which don't always align). These records have been compiled by data available, so if there are any omissions or errors please report them to the Secretary.

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Club Records set during 2021/22 season

Date   Age / Event   Athlete   Performance
13/11/2021   Men 55-59 High Jump    Luke De Biasi   1.55m
13/11/2021   Men 45-49 Discus (1.5kg)   Matt Hall   30.47m
30/11/2021   Men Open (T12) 10000m   Jaryd Clifford   31:27.5h
30/11/2021   Women  50-54 10000m   Debbie McKenzie   51:03.1h
30/11/2021   Women 55-59 10000m   Karen Quinn   58:28.8h
4/12/2021   Women U16, U17, U18 Hammer (3kg)   Keira Sanchez   47.04m
18/12/2021   Women 55-59 Hammer (3kg)   Michelle King   24.31m
18/12/2021   Women 55-59 1500m Walk   Jo Moxon   10:48.1h
8/01/2022   Women 50-54 High Jump   Gaelyne Kenshole   1.16m
20/01/2022   Men U15 1500m   Cameron Ellis   04:17.9
22/01/2022   Women 55-59 200m   Michelle King   34.12
22/01/2022   Women 50-54 1500m Walk   Debbie McKenzie   9:46.9h
30/01/2022   Women 50-54 Long Jump    Gaelyne Kenshole   3.88m
5/02/2022   Men U15 Javelin (700g)   Asher Andrews   46.08m
5/02/2022   Women 50-54 Javelin (500g)   Gaelyne Kenshole   16.66m
10/02/2022   Men U19 200m   Jack Clarke   22.11
19/02/2022   Women Open Triple Jump   Linda Allen   12.48m
19/02/2022   Women U14 T38 100m   Kirra Wright   15.64
20/02/2022   Women U14 T38 400m   Kirra Wright   77.24
20/02/2022   Women Open, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19, U20 2000 Steeple (76.2cm)   Ally Brooks   07:16.1
20/02/2022   Men U19 400m   Jack Clarke   48.1
26/02/2022   Men U15 Long Jump   Asher Andrews   6.57m
26/02/2022   Women U13 Javelin (400g)   Zoey Ryan   25.91m
26/02/2022   Women U14 T38 Long Jump   Kirra Wright   3.71m
5/03/2022   Women U15 3000m   Ally Brooks   10:31.2h
12/03/2022   Men Open (T12) 3000m   Jaryd Clifford   7:56.31
19/03/2022   Women 50-54 Pole Vault   Gaelyne Kenshole   2.51m
19/03/2022   Women 50-54 Triple Jump   Gaelyne Kenshole   8.37m
20/03/2022   Women 50-54 80m Hurdles (76.2cm)   Gaelyne Kenshole   15.09
1/04/2022   Men U17 T20 1500m   Jordan Rudd   5:19.69
3/04/2022   Men U17 T20 800m   Jordan Rudd   2:35.97


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