Welcome to Willinda Park, the best kept secret in the Banyule municipality!

Diamond Valley Athletic Club is based at Willinda Park in Greensborough, Victoria. Greensborough a suburb of Melbourne, and is located approximately 20 kms north-east of the city.

It is the birthplace of world class athletes such as Jaryd Clifford and Elyssia Kenshole but has also been the go-to venue for many not as fit nearby residents.

Willinda Park is used by the Diamond Valley athletic club, using the venue predominantly for training purposes and representatives of the Diamond Valley Little Athletics centre representing 8 littles clubs using the venue for training and competition. In fact the centre has won the best large Victorian littles centre award.

In addition the facility is used by the general public, local schools and entities such as the Greensborough Tri Club, Diamond Creek Runners and other community groups.

Facilities at the track include:

  • an all-weather polyurethane 8 lane track (10 lanes front straight)
  • various track equipment (starting blocks, hurdles etc.)
  • a weight room
  • numerous training aids (mats, balls, etc.)
  • throwing cages and pits
  • various throwing equipment (hammers, shots, discus’, javelins) of various weights
  • 2 x high jump pits
  • long/triple jump run-up & pits


The facility has seen some investment recently like the track re-surfacing as well as the ‘Female Friendly’ project which upgraded the pavilion.

Nevertheless the facility is seriously under-invested and together with an entity called ‘Club Builder’ and with the great help of Councillor Mark Di Pasquale we have pulled together a Facility Development Plan.

Click here to see the plan and here to look at our dedicated facebook page.

Training Policy

Diamond Valley Athletic Club (DVAC) can nominate approved coaches who meet requirements as determined by the committee. Such approval is given when it is adjudged that the person is of good character, appropriately qualified, has adequate public liability and insurance cover, and at least half of the athletes they coach are registered to represent DVAC in competition.

Public Liability is covered by current membership of the ATFCA, and insurance is covered by registration as a coach with Athletics Victoria.

Coaches are encouraged to become members of DVAC.

Willinda Park Athletics Facility
This includes the running track, field games area, jumping run-ups and pits, weight room, various equipment and the pavilion.

Banyule Council have allocated specific training times to the Diamond Valley Athletic Club at Willinda Park. At times during the year, the club has to share these training times with other user groups approved by Banyule Council.

Preference to use this facility is given to members of approved user groups. Therefore DVAC members, and athletes training under the guidance of club approved coaches, during those training times have priority over any casual users.

All athletes undertaking training must have adequate insurance coverage. Insurance is covered by appropriate registration with Athletics Victoria.

Due to high volumes of usage at certain times, all users must co-operate to ensure effective and equitable usage of the facility.

The club has the right to exclude anyone from the facility, who is not a member of an approved user group, during the designated training times.

It should be noted that club membership and AV registration ceases on 31 March each year. Athletes are encouraged to renew their membership and registration so that they may continue to use the facility.

Training Times
Designated training times are:
Tuesday 4:30pm to 8:30pm (notes re co-users)
Thursday 4:30pm to 8:30pm (notes re co-users)
Sunday 9:00am to noon (notes re co-users)

Gym Usage Policy

The following rules and etiquette have been established to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all users, and to preserve our Gym for its intended use. Cooperation of all users is appreciated. Users who notice violations of rules/regulations/policy are asked to bring it to the attention of a committee member or coach.Access

  • DVAC Membership is required to access the Gym.
  • Ensure that before using the Gym that one is physically capable of using the Gym and an orientation has been given by the coach, including instruction in weight room safety procedures, a copy of all gym rules and regulations, and a walk through Gym tour.
  • Please enter and exit the Gym by the main (side) door of the building. All other doors are for emergency exit.
  • The Committee or Coach may suspend access to the Gym for a specified period or revoke it permanently for offensive behaviour. This may include but not be limited to disorderly conduct; disruptive behaviour; sexual harassment; persistent disregard for rules and regulations; default in payment of membership fees; and conducting or soliciting of business within the facility (such as personal training or private lessons).

Gym Rules

  • Participation is at ones own risk. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to posted signs.
  • Participation is restricted to adults 18 years of age and older. Children under 18 years of age are ONLY permitted to participate when accompanied by an (parent or) approved coach.
  • Please be respectful of others throughout the Gym. Spitting, inappropriate language, verbal abuse and fighting will not be tolerated.
  • In order to keep gym clean and safe for use, please wipe feet when entering the building.
  • Participants are encouraged to attend to matters of personal hygiene. Wipe equipment if required when finished.
  • All personal belongings should be in your bag or change room during facility use.
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Beverage containers must have a lid. Only water bottles are permitted.
  • No animals are permitted inside the Gym.
  • Spikes must be removed before entering the Gym.
  • Appropriate attire is required i.e. shirts are to be worn.
  • Please be considerate of other users. You may be required to limit the length of your workout or activity.
  • Equipment and facilities should be used for their intended purpose. Modification is prohibited. Please report equipment malfunction or damage to a coach or committee member.
  • Do not drop or throw weights; re-rack all plates, dumbbells, and attachments after each use.
  • Remove all water bottles and belongings at the end.
  • Use a spotter when lifting with free weights.
  • Switch off power for the treadmill and radio at the power point.
  • Switch off power at the master switch (front of foyer) after use.


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