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  • Couch to 5km
  • Team sports fitness (endurance, speed, acceleration)

  Matt Thompson

I bought a dog and I started running. I found I liked it and then ran half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon and many other distances. I found a love of running and want to share it. The discipline(s) coached are Middle and Long distance. Ultramarathons.I like to work with athletes on their pathway from novice to elite. Love to work with people who just want to get off the couch as well as people who love the sport. I can help with race nutrition, tactics, and mindset as well as help create training plans. I share a squad with Max Balchin and Lyn Davis and can work with people of all ages and all abilities. My philosophy is to have fun, enjoyment, maximise time and quality and for you to push your limits with others in a squad.
AA Level 1 coach
Training Times:
5:00pm – 6:45pm on Thursday at Willinda Park centre Can look at running groups for long runs on weekends as well for those wanting to.
Club Coach – There is no coaching fee charged for athletes who are financial members of DVAC.
Ph: 0439 984 647, Email:



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