Recreational Running

Recreational running is alive at the Valley! Together with the Striders, this is a friendly distance running group as part of the Diamond Valley Athletic Club combining some serious training and running with just having a go and a great time in a supportive environment. The Striders group has been created to bring like-minded people together to run in a safe, positive environment. We are not fussed about your ability and accept people of all makes and ages!

Just come and experience the ride. Join us at the Willinda track on Tuesday or Thursday night from 5:30pm unless otherwise indicated.

To join the group and have access to our facilities in our training hours you will need a DVAC Recreational Membership. Note, this will not allow you to compete at Athletics Victoria races. Check out the Join page (recreational) for all the details. Or register here to join the DVAC Recreational group.

Training is usually aligned to the needs of the group, be it preparation for a popular marathon or other event or for the occasional track events that the club may hold. Or just to work on and fit with your level of fitness. A general training program is published each month and can be found below.

The current training program(s) can be found below. One for those who don't plan to run Melbourne and one for those who do.

Also, check out the Striders Facebook page to engage with the 100+ members on the latest and greatest.




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