XCR'24 Rd 2: Cross Country at Hanging Rock

Published Sun 19 May 2024


The haunting view of the craggy peaks of Hanging Rock and the intriguing mystery that is associated with the place did nothing to diminish the courage and achievements of the 37 Diamond Valley Athletic Club athletes who ran the challenging courses set on the surrounding bush tracks. By the end of the meet, DVAC athletes had claimed two individual titles, two team victories, and strong results throughout the various categories.

In the first race of the day Heidi Kuppler (U14) and Rose Jarvis (U16) emerged as winners of their respective age groups. Heidi ran the fastest time for the U14, U16 and U18 girls over the 5km course and was a clear winner of the Female Under 14 race in 18:20.

Rose Jarvis claimed her first victory in Athletics Victoria competition when she crossed the finish line of the 5km race in 19:26. Rose led the DVAC team that included Grace Robinson (21:46) and Lucy Johns (23:18) to record their second win of the season and secure their place at the top of the season ladder.

Ally Brooks (20:00), Georgia L’Estrange (22:44) and Jamieson Lander (23:33) not only returned from the dark side of the Rock but also combined to finish second on the Female Under 18 team result. Jett Hollingsworth (19:20) finished 5th in the Male Under 14 race and Brodie Batt (18:04) came 11th in a very competitive Male Under 16 race.

The second race saw athletes complete a 2km lap before heading around the 5km loop to complete a 7km journey. The Men 60+ team of Rob Wendel (34:14), Lyal Douglas (38:24) and Greg Luck (42:01) returned to their winning form of last year when they won the Men 60+ Short Course competition for the season. The fastest times for DVAC over the 7km course were recorded by Brett Maloney (32:55) and his daughter, Erin Maloney (30:29). Brett led the DVAC M40+ & M50+ Short Course teams to a third placing when combined with the results of Rob Wendel & Lyal Douglas.

The third race stepped the distance up to 12km for the Open Women and DVAC’s Shania Murray relished the challenge, posting her second best result in an AV Winter event. Shania finished in 6th position in a time of 45:49 in a field of 140. This gave Shania an average time of 3’48”/km over a difficult course. The DVAC Women’s Division 2 team of Shania, Mikaela Gray (55:18), Debbie McKenzie (1:03:59) and Jo Moxon (1:11:21) were placed 6th out of the 9 teams to finish. Mikaela Gray had her first run with DVAC after recently completing the Ballarat Marathon in 3:19:04.

Caden Murray continued the success of his sister in the Open Men’s 12km race by posting his best result in an XCR event. Caden averaged a pace of 3’17”/km for the distance, finishing in 39:30 and placing 14th in a field of 351. Caden spearheaded the DVAC Division 2 team that was well pleased with a 7th placing out of the 14 teams. Other members of the Division 2 team were Vincent Donnadieu (40:38), Joel Imbriano (44:36), Blake Barnes (45:13), Anthony Lynch (46:01) and Dylan Littlejohn (46:29). Joel Imbriano stepped up from junior ranks to run the 12km.

Charles Jacobson (46:34), Brody McCarthy (50:15), Jarryd Cripps (51:06) and Scott Barnes (56:08) gave DVAC a strong result in Division 5 where they finished 5th out of the 14 teams.

Kate Ryan ran her first Cross Country event with the Valley and chose to run the 12km course. Kate handled the challenge with real grit winning the admiration of the Valley supporters around the Rock.

DVAC was challenged by AV to provide Club Helpers at Marshall Point 10: this proved to be a remote spot where the runners turned to return to the finish. DVAC covered the Duty with distinction due to the efforts of Natalie Lander, Aaron Bourne and Max Balchin. Back at the Finish area, Lyn Davis was patiently recording lap times & finish times to back up the AV results & offer support to each DVAC athlete. The DVAC tent was again in pride of place thanks to the work of David Armstrong.

37 DVAC athletes raced at Hanging Rock – 16 Female (8 Open age & 8 Junior) and 21 Male (11 Open & 10 Junior).



Saturday 11 May 2024

DVAC Results:

Female Open 12km
12km: Shania Murray 45:49 (6th); Mikaela Gray 55:18 (63rd); Debbie McKenzie 1:03:59 (102nd); Jo Moxon 1:11:21 (122nd); Kate Ryan 1:12:54 (125th); (Field of 140).

Team Results:

Open Division 2: DVAC 293 (6,63, 102, 122): 6th/ 9 Teams

Open Division 4: DVAC 125 (125) 5th/ 6 Teams

F40+ Team: DVAC 161 - Debbie McKenzie (42), Jo Moxon (58), Kate Ryan (61): 16th/ 33 Teams

F50+ Team: DVAC 59 - Debbie McKenzie (25), Jo Moxon (34) 12th/ 20 Teams

Female Open Short Course 7km

7km: Adina Morrow 33:24 (13th); Michelle King 42:53 (27th); Elyse Scheuermann 54:07 (33rd); (Field of 53)

Team Result: DVAC 73 (13, 27, 33): 4th/ 22 Teams

F40+ Team: DVAC 20 (Michelle King (20th): 15th/ 15 Teams


Female 20
7km: Erin Maloney 30:29 (13th); Field of 19

FU20 Team Result: DVAC 13 (13): 11th/ 13 Teams

Female 18
5km: Ally Brooks 20:00 (8th); Georgia L'Estrange 22:44 (18th); Jamieson Lander 23:33 (19th); Field of 21
FU18 Team Result: DVAC 45 (8,18,19): 2nd/ 13 Teams

Female 16
5km: Rose Jarvis 19:26 (1st); Grace Robinson 21:46 (9th); Lucy Johns 23:18 (12th); Field of 15

FU16 Team Result: DVAC 22 (1, 9, 12): 1st / 10 Teams


Female 14
5km: Heidi Kuppler 18:20 (1st); Field of 12

FU14 Team Result: DVAC 1 (1): 5th/ 7 Teams


Male Open 12km
12km: Caden Murray 39:30 (14th); Vincent Donnadieu 40:38 (30th); Joel Imbriano 44:36 (121st); Blake Barnes 45:13 (131st); Anthony Lynch 46:01 (150th); Dylan Littlejohn 46:29 (156th); Charles Jacobson 46:34 (158th); Brody McCarthy 50:15 (216th); Jarryd Cripps 51:06 (232nd); Scott Barnes 56:08 (291st); Peter Ramsay 57:13 (296th); Andrew McKenzie 1:03:37 (325th); (Invite: Jake Anderson 45:41)


Team Results:

Division 2: DVAC 602 (14, 30, 121, 131, 150, 156) 7th/ 14 Teams

Division 5: DVAC 897 (158, 216, 232, 291) 5th/ 14 Teams

Division 7: DVAC 621 (296, 325) 7th/ 13 Teams

M40+ Team: DVAC 153 (Dylan Littlejohn (24), Charles Jacobson (26), Scott Barnes (103): 16th/ 62 Teams

M40+ Team: DVAC 239 (Peter Ramsay (108), Andrew McKenzie (131): 45th/ 62 Teams

M50+ Team: DVAC 183 (Scott Barnes (51), Peter Ramsay (56), Andrew McKenzie (76) – 15th/ 42 Teams

M60+ Team: DVAC 13 (Peter Ramsay (13) – 12th/ 19 Teams

Male Open Short Course – 7km

7km: Brett Maloney 32:55 (12th); Rob Wendel 34:14 (19th); Lyal Douglas 38:24 (29th); Greg Luck 42:01 (35th);

Team Results:

M40+ Team: 44 (Brett Maloney (7), Rob Wendel (14), Lyal Douglas (23) – 3rd/ 18 Teams

M40+ Team: 29 (Greg Luck (29)

M50+ Team: 40 (Brett Maloney (6), Rob Wendel (13), Lyal Douglas (21) – 3rd/ 18 Teams

M50+ Team: 29 (Greg Luck (29)

M60+ Team: 26 (Rob Wendel (6th); Lyal Douglas (9th); Greg Luck (11th) – 1st /9 Teams

Male 20
7km: Jordan Rudd 28:49 (23rd); Field of 24
Male 18
7km: Ethan Armstrong-Bourne 26:38 (20th); Rhodri Whelan 27:09 (21st); Field of 24
Male 16
5km: Brodie Batt 18:04 (11th); William Quigley 19:29 (21st); Jack Daley 21:18 (24th); Logan Armstrong-Bourne 21:59 (27th); Felix Morgan 22:41 (28th); Field of 30
Male 14
5km: Jett Hollingsworth 19:20 (4th); Field of 9

Team Results:

MU20 Team: DVAC 23 (23) – 14th/ 15 Teams

MU18 Team: DVAC 41 (20, 21) – 7th/ 14 Teams

MU16 Team: DVAC 56 (11,21,24) – 4th/ 19 Teams

MU16 Team: DVAC 55 (27, 28) – 7th/ 19 Teams

MU14 Team: DVAC 4 (4) – 4th / 9 Teams


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