Published Sun 04 Feb 2024


The Diamond Valley Athletic Club has moved to top spot on the Premier Division ladder with a record score of 71,856 points in Round 10 of the Athletics Victoria Shield League. The call to athletes to support the DVAC decision to utilise the Powerplay in Round 10 attracted a season high 103 athletes (49 Female & 54 Male) to turn out and practice their skills & contribute to the total. Despite the hot conditions throughout the afternoon, there were still 31 DVAC runners who completed either the 3000m or the 5000m events at the end of the program.

DVAC picked up 10 points for winning the round and turned it into 20 points with the Powerplay, taking our season total to 105 and moving ahead of Eaglehawk by two points. There is genuine excitement that DVAC can win its second Premiership and go back-to back after taking the AVSL Premier Division premiership in 2022/2023 but there is still an important step remaining. With a lead of only two points at the top of the ladder, it seems necessary for DVAC to win one of the final two rounds (and do well in the other) to deliver the premiership. Plenty of work to do!


The DVAC 40+ Females have moved to the top of the season ladder with a dominant showing in Round 10. The team recently moved into second place behind South Bendigo and in Rd 10 the team of 14 athletes scored 9,874 points to edge ahead of St Bendigo and claim top place.

Another team making a late run at a season premiership are the DVAC Open Women. In Round 10, the 10 member team headed the table with 6,462 points to move into second place on the season ladder and only 1,282 points behind Yarra Ranges.

The other DVAC teams on top of their age group ladder for the season are the Female U18, Female U16, and the Male 40+.

Age Group results for DVAC in Round 10 were as follows:

DVAC Female Age Group teams:

U14: 14th/33: (11th on season ladder)

U16: 1st/35: (1st on season ladder)

U18: 1st/37: (1st on season ladder)

U20: 25th/26: (19th on season ladder)

Open: 1st/36: (2nd on season ladder)

F40+: 1st/30: (1st on season ladder)

DVAC Male Age Group teams:

U14: 7th/30: (6th on season ladder)

U16: 2nd/38: (10th on season ladder)

U18: 4th/38: (11th on season ladder)

U20: 6th/33: (6th on season ladder)

Open: 7th /36: (20th on season ladder)

M40+: 1st/43: (1st on season ladder)

500 CLUB

Every single point counts toward the club total but it worth giving recognition to those athletes who put in exceptional performances and at AVSL one of the markers is the 500 point threshold. In Round 10 there were three DVAC athletes who reached the 500 point mark. These were:

Simone Kuppler (F45): 800m: 2:22.0 (523 points)

Paora Okirua (M18): Shot Put: 17.40m (519 points)

Briony Rheuben (F40): Hammer Throw: 47.14m (515 points)


There were a number of DVAC athletes that led their age group in achievement in an event. These included:

Jaime Hvalica (M14): 2000m Walk 10:19.8

Paora Okirua (M18): Shot Put: 17.40m

Simone Kuppler (F45): 800m: 2:22.0

Max Davidson (M16): 2000m Walk: 9:09.4

Taylor Radatti (FOpen): 800m: 2:23.2

Elyssia Kenshole (FOpen): Pole Vault 3.95m

Grace Robinson (F14): 3000m 11:42.0

Alexander Mills (FOpen): Discus 40.71m

Katie Oliver (F18) 100m: 12.82

Keira Sanchez (F18): Shot Put: 10.65m

Kirra Wright (F38) (F16): Shot Put: 6.55m

(Georgia L’Estrange, Rose Jarvis, Lucy Johns, Luella Wood) (F16)

4 x 400m Relay: 5:05.02


Charlie Gray had his first outing with the Valley in Round 10 and competed at the Glenhuntly venue in the 100m (12.17) and the 110m Hurdles (17.51). Welcome, Charlie, we hope that the experience was a good one.


  • Vanessa Smith (F18) threw the 3kg Hammer 40.92m to earn 428 points. It was Vanessa’s first 40m+ throw with the Hammer & she was very pleased with the effort. Vanessa puts the breakthrough down to her training and that she is now comfortable with the three turn throws. Her advice to anyone thinking of trying Hammer Throw is, “You should give it go. Hammer Throw is fun.”
  • Tara Smith (F18) has moved up to the 4kg Hammer & threw a pb distance of 36.32m. Her reward for that? 433 points!
  • There was a lot of middle distance coughing after the 800m races in the first hot day in a long time: this did not stop some impressive personal best performances. Ethan Armstrong-Bourne (M16) lowered his best time for the 800m to 2:05.0; Rhodri Whelan (M18) to 2:14.3; and Glenn Imbriano (M16) to 2:20.1.
  • A feature of the Valley team on Saturday was the willingness of athletes to go that extra event to help with the Powerplay effort. There was no better example of this than Aylaa Arunan (F14) who logged up results in FIVE events. Aylaa undertook the Triple Jump (8.70m); Discus (17.05m); Long Jump (4.33m); Shot Put (6.10m); and Javelin (16.96m). Each athlete is allowed three scoring events only and Aylaa still managed to score a total of 1072 points. Well done, Aylaa!
  • Look out for Cathy Tomkins photos from Doncaster on the DVAC Facebook.
  • DVAC put out 13 Relay Teams in Round 10 thanks to the willingness to our athletes to go that bit extra in a Powerplay. There were twelve 4 x 400m Relay teams at Doncaster and one 4 x 100m Relay team at Glenhuntly. That’s 52 athletes running a Relay!
  • There were 14 DVAC athletes who scored 1000 points in Round 10: these were Zoey Ryan(1,292); Colin Newman (1,260); Bruce Wood (1,246); Asher Andrews (1,168); Amelia Di Benedetto (1,164); Lalith Udugampala (1,164); Matthew Hall (1,135); Darren Rudd (1,120); Tara Smith (1,074); Aylaa Arunan (1,072); Gaelyne Kenshole (1,063); Adam Scott (1,021), and Paula Merino (1,001).


W40 800m 2.22.0h Simone Kuppler - old record 2.22.78 Simone Kuppler 2023
W45 800m 2.22.0h Simone Kuppler -old record 2.38.4h Lyn Davis 1999
W40 Shot Put (4kg) 10.05m Briony Rheuben -old record 9.24m Dawn Hartigan 2000
Greg Luck


A big THANK YOU to the following DVAC supporters for undertaking their Club Helper duties on a very hot afternoon. DVAC was able to fulfill its Duties with distinction thanks to the generosity of these people. DVAC’s last commitments will come in Round 12 back at Doncaster.

Hurdles Set up: Greg Champion, Andrew L’Estrange

Shot Put: Paul Wood, Andrew Bunyard, Niluka Vidanapathirana, Breen Littlehales, Natalie Lander, Chris Whelan, Kylie Wright, Luke Hamliton, Kate Short, Nicole Dickson, Scott Barnes, Luke De Biasi, Andrew L’Estrange, Shaun Genders, Adam Scott, Greg Luck, Sarah Gittins

Lap Scorers: Lyn Davis, Suzanne Jarvis, Tracey Johns, Jason Quigley, Michelle King, Jeff Young

DVAC Officials with AV: Paul Schofield, Rick Clarke, Andrew Stirling and Jeff Hughes were important in the smooth running of Round 10.

AVSL Round 10

Saturday 3 February 2024

Doncaster & Glenhuntly

DVAC Results:


Female OP
100m: Keely Boyne 12.59 (-0.8);
200m: Georgia Gillson 25.94 (1.5); Taylor Radatti 29.58 (+0.0);
800m: Taylor Radatti 2:23.2h; Shania Murray 2:26.4h; Sarah Papadopoulos 3:40.7h;
3000m: Rebecca Coultas 13:32.0h; Sarah Papadopoulos 17:30.9h;
5000m: Shania Murray 18:53.2h;
100m Hurdles: Keely Boyne 15.10 (-1.1);
4x100m: (Liv Nicholls, Zoey Ryan, Kate Ryan, Meg Nicholls) 61.98;
4x400m: (Georgia Gillson, Erin Maloney, Rebecca Coultas, Shania Murray) 4:59.16; (Alexia Moxon, Fleur Owen, Sarah Papadopoulos, Annalise Jones) 6:35.58;
Discus: Alexandra Mills 39.33m; 40.71m;
Hammer: Shania Murray NM; Sarah Papadopoulos 13.04m; Lucinda Derrett 35.49m;
Pole Vault: Elyssia Kenshole 3.95m; Alana Green NM;
Shot Put: Elyssia Kenshole 9.44m; Shania Murray 5.38m; Sarah Papadopoulos 5.40m; Lucinda Derrett 8.01m; Georgia Gillson 7.79m;
Female 20
200m: Sugi Neecowen 28.04 (-1.4);
3000m: Fleur Owen DNF;
Female 18
100m: Katie Oliver 12.82 (-0.8);
200m: Olivia Sheens 27.07 (1.3); Charlee Dickson 27.68 (-0.2); Jamieson Lander 28.13 (+0.0); Tess Gillson 28.72 (-0.8); Annalise Jones 30.00 (-1.4); Mackenzie Genders 30.14 (-1.3); Thyra Abolencia 30.50 (-0.8); Alexia Moxon 34.00 (0.8);
800m: Ella Littlehales 2:42.8h; Annalise Jones 3:09.8h;
3000m: Erin Maloney 12:00.1h; Ella Littlehales 12:59.8h;
400m Hurdles: Charlee Dickson 71.39;
4x400m: (Charlee Dickson, Jamieson Lander, Ella Littlehales, Vanessa Smith) 4:44.24;
Discus: Keira Sanchez 26.03m;
Hammer: Vanessa Smith 40.92m; Alexia Moxon 14.68m; Keira Sanchez NM; Tara Smith 36.32m;
Shot Put: Keira Sanchez 10.65m; Tara Smith 9.39m; Mackenzie Genders 8.74m; Tess Gillson 8.41m;
Triple Jump: Alexia Moxon 8.21m; Tara Smith 8.79m; Mackenzie Genders 9.26m; Thyra Abolencia 9.38m;
Female 16
100m: Liv Nicholls 14.48 (-0.5);
200m: Rebecca Hvalica 26.60 (1.5); Georgia L'Estrange 31.03 (-1.8); Kirra Wright 34.74 (0.8); Luella Wood 34.89 (0.2);
400m: Zoey Ryan 82.31;
800m: Rose Jarvis 2:35.5h; Georgia L'Estrange 2:38.7h; Luella Wood 2:45.6h; Lucy Johns 2:49.6h;
3000m: Rose Jarvis 11:52.3h; Lucy Johns 13:17.9h;
4x400m: (Georgia L'Estrange, Rose Jarvis, Lucy Johns, Luella Wood) 5:05.02;
Discus: Zoey Ryan 24.65m; Amelia Di Benedetto 26.27m;
Hammer: Zoey Ryan 41.55m; Hanna Rowe 34.10m; Amelia Di Benedetto 26.21m;
Javelin: Zoey Ryan 22.75m; Amelia Di Benedetto 24.97m; Ines Caton-Smith DNS; Liv Nicholls 9.52m;
Long Jump: Liv Nicholls NM;
Shot Put: Kirra Wright 6.55m; Georgia L'Estrange 4.74m; Hanna Rowe 7.57m; Teagan Corden SCR; Maddy Meagher DNS;
Triple Jump: Teagan Corden DNS;
Female 14
200m: Jamie Ritchie 27.02 (1.3);
3000m: Grace Robinson 11:42.0h;
Discus: Aylaa Arunan 17.05m;
Javelin: Aylaa Arunan 16.96m;
Long Jump: Aylaa Arunan 4.33m;
Shot Put: Aylaa Arunan 6.10m;
Triple Jump: Aylaa Arunan 8.70m;
Female 40
100m: Meg Nicholls 17.07 (-1.3); Sarah Gittins 18.80 (-0.4);
200m: Jo Moxon 41.17 (1.6); Simone Kuppler DNS;
400m: Kate Ryan 82.27; Meg Nicholls 88.89;
800m: Simone Kuppler 2:22.0h; Debbie McKenzie 2:55.8h; Jo Moxon 3:22.4h; Michelle King 3:32.0h; Karen Quinn 3:45.5h;
3000m: Debbie McKenzie 13:49.7h; Jo Moxon 16:03.9h; Karen Quinn 18:40.7h;
4x400m: (Jo Moxon, Michelle King, Debbie McKenzie, Karen Quinn) 6:21.38;
Discus: Paula Merino 16.00m; Sarah Gittins 14.06m; Kate Ryan 18.01m;
Hammer: Maryann Murray 16.86m; Paula Merino 23.92m; Sarah Gittins 15.54m; Gaelyne Kenshole 22.14m; Michelle King 19.56m; Briony Rheuben 47.14m;
Javelin: Sarah Gittins 9.29m; Kate Ryan 13.89m;
Long Jump: Meg Nicholls 3.48m;
Pole Vault: Gaelyne Kenshole 2.45m;
Shot Put: Jo Moxon 4.42m; Maryann Murray 6.21m; Karen Quinn 4.62m; Debbie McKenzie 6.01m; Paula Merino 6.37m; Sarah Gittins DNS; Kate Ryan 6.51m; Gaelyne Kenshole 8.08m; Michelle King 6.71m; Briony Rheuben 10.05m;


Male OP
200m: Joshua Scott 26.36 (1.0); Jarryd Cripps 27.16 (+0.0); Nicholas Goh 27.76 (1.5); Blake Barnes 30.56 (1.5);
800m: Jarryd Cripps 2:13.7h;
3000m: Jarryd Cripps 11:42.2h;
5000m: Caden Murray 15:19.8h; Blake Barnes 17:18.7h; Chris Rancie 17:25.8h; James Telford 18:26.2h;
4x400m: (Jarryd Cripps, Blake Barnes, Joshua Scott, Caden Murray) 4:33.19; (James Hurley, Dillon Vidanapathirana, Joel Imbriano, Jack Daley) 4:41.58;
Shot Put: Caden Murray 6.82m; Joshua Scott 7.81m;
Male 20
200m: Hayden Moon 24.69 (+0.0); James Hurley 25.15 (-0.3); Harley Gilbert 25.67 (+0.0); Dillon Vidanapathirana 27.43 (1.0);
800m: Dillon Vidanapathirana 3:08.4h;


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