Published Sun 28 Apr 2024


The 43 Diamond Valley Athletic Club athletes who competed in the first round of theAthletics Victoria Winter season of Cross Country at Jells Park left satisfied that they had made a strong start to the season.

Both of the DVAC top teams in the Women’s & Men’s Open age groups finished in positions that should allow for their consolidation throughout the remaining nine rounds of the Winter season.

The DVAC Women’s Division 2 team completed the four 6km legs around the hills of Jells Park in a time of 1:39:12 to finish in 4th place out of the 11 teams. The average pace over the 24km was 4min8sec. Shania Murray led the team off to a strong start, completing her 6km in 22:22 (3’43”) and clocking the 10th fastest time on the day for the Open Women. The other team members were Camryn Price, a new member to the club (23’40”), Erin Maloney, stepping up from the junior ranks for the first time, (25’54”) and Simone Kuppler (27’16”).

Vincent Donnadieu had his first run with the Valley and ran the first leg for the DVAC Men Division 2 team in 18’55” to set the team off to a cracking start. Vincent was well backed up by Tim Logan (20’15”), Caden Murray (18’50”), Blake Barnes (20’45”), Joel Imbriano, running up from the juniors, (21’25”) and Dylan Littlejohn (21’29”) who all combined to complete the 6 x 6km in a total of 2hrs1.39min. This placed the team 7th out of the 14 teams in a remarkably close Division 2 battle: only 5 minutes separated DVAC from the first placed team that crossed in 1hr56.22min and teams 5, 6 & 7 finished within 8 seconds.

The DVAC team time of 2:01.39min averaged out at a pace of 3min21sec for the 36km journey (on a hilly course!). Caden Murray’ s time of 18’50” put him as 25th fastest Open Male on the day and at an average of 3’13” per km.

The two DVAC podium placing teams at Jells Park were the Female 16 team that won their age group and the Female 18 team that finished in third place.

The DVAC Female 16 team completed their three 3km legs in a total of 32’40” at an average of 3’37”/per km. The team was led off by Matilda Johnson who changed over in 11:07. Heidi Kuppler took up the team mission with plenty of purpose, running her 3km leg in 10’25” before handing over to Rose Jarvis who completed the winning combination with a leg of 11:08. The winning margin was 1’45”. Matilda Johnson ran the 4th fastest 3km leg for the F16 athletes while Rose Jarvis was 5th. Heidi Kuppler ran the fastest time for F14 3km leg.

The DVAC Girls 18 team of Georgia L’Estrange (12’46”), Grace Robinson (12’26”) and Ally Brooks (11’20”) finished in third place in a total of 36’32” in a large field of 18 teams. They were 12 seconds behind the second placed team and 23 seconds ahead of the 4th placed team. Ally Brooks ran the 7thfastest 3km lap in the F18 field.

DVAC fielded 13 teams (5 Female and 8 Male) from the 26 male & 17 females competing. There was a good balance of Open age athletes (23) and Juniors (20) with 6 Open age teams, 6 Junior teams as well as 2 Masters age group teams.

Four athletes made their first appearance for Diamond Valley at Jells Park. These were: Camryn Price (WOpen); Vincent Donnadieu (MOpen); Jesse Littlehales (MU20); & Jett Hollingsworth (MU14). As well, Martin Murray (M40+) made a welcome return to the Valley.

Club Helpers at Jells Park were Paul Schofield, Aaron Bourne, Ethan Armstrong-Bourne (Tent), Sarah Gittins, Chris Whelan, Lyn Davis and Max Balchin (AV Club Helper duties). Paul Schofield doubled up in his capacity as an AV Official at Jells Park. Thanks for the generous food donations that made the DVAC Tent a focal point for the Valley crowd.

XCR Round 1: Cross Country Relays

Jells Park

Saturday 27 April 2024

DVAC Results:

Female Open

Division 2: (4x6km):

(Shania Murray: 22:22, Camryn Price: 23:40, Erin Maloney: 25:54, Simone Kuppler: 27:16)

Total: 1:39:12; Place: 4th/11

Division 4: (3x6km):

(Adina Morrow: 27:59, Jo Moxon: 33:46, Sarah Papadopoulos: 37:55)

Total: 1:39:40; Place: 6th/6

Division 5: (3x6km):

(Michelle King: 35:42)

Total: 35:42; Place: 9th/9

Female 18: (3x3km):

(Georgia L'Estrange: 12:46, Grace Robinson: 12:26, Ally Brooks: 11:20) Total: 36:32; Place 3rd/18

Female 18: (3x3km):

(Jamieson Lander: 13:39, Ella Littlehales: 12:52, Lucy Johns: 13:35)

Total: 40:06; Place: 10th/18

Female 16: (3x3km):

(Matilda Johnson: 11:07, Heidi Kuppler: 10:25, Rose Jarvis: 11:08)

Total: 32:40; Place: 1st/6

Male Open

Division 2 (6x6km):

(Vincent Donnadieu: 18:55, Tim Logan: 20:15, Caden Murray: 18:50, Blake Barnes: 20:45, Joel Imbriano: 21:25, Dylan Littlejohn: 21:29)

Total: 2:01:39; Place: 7th/14

Division 5 (4x6km):
4x6km: (Michael Martello: 22:29, Brody McCarthy: 23:01, Aaron Bourne: 26:53, Anthony Lynch: 21:50)

Total: 1:34:13; Place: 4th/14

Division 7 (4x6km):

(Jordan Rudd: 25:00, Jesse Littlehales: 29:34, Charles Jacobson: 25:50)

Place: 1:20:24; Place: 7th/12

Male 18: (3x3km):

(Cameron Ellis: 09:30, Ethan Armstrong-Bourne: 10:44, Rhodri Whelan: 10:46)

Total: 31:00; Place: 8th/17

Male 18: (3x3km):

(Kai Bunyard: 11:31)

Total: 11:31; Place: 17th/17

Male 16
3x3km: (Brodie Batt: 10:39, William Quigley: 11:00, Jett Hollingsworth: 11:28) Total: 33:07; Place: 8th/15

Male 40
3x6km: (Craig Cassidy: 22:45, Brett Maloney: 27:05, Scott Barnes: 25:59) Total: 1:15:49; Place: 8th/12

Male 60
3x6km: (Peter Ramsay: 25:40, Greg Luck: 33:56, Martin Murray: 28:39)

Total: 1:28:15; Place: 5th/10



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