Published Mon 25 Mar 2024


                  The Diamond Valley Athletic Club has won the 2023/2024 season in the Athletics VictoriaPremier Division in the AVSL competition, making it back-to-back premierships. By the end of competition in Round 12, DVAC were on top of the Premier Division ladder for the ninth time in the season and five points clear of Eaglehawk.

                  In Round 12 a total of 79 DVAC athletes (39 Female & 40 Male) turned out to press home the Valley claim to a season victory with the majority competing at the Doncaster venue where the Valley tent was happy meeting place for members. By the end of competition DVAC had amassed a score of 53,111 points, with a good margin over the 48,685 points of the second placed team in Premier Division. This was the third best turn-out of athletes and third highest score for the Valley over the twelve rounds of Shield season. The average number of DVAC competing athletes for the season was 76.

                  The DVAC Female 40+ team sealed a season top of the ladder position with a strong second place in Round 12. The Men 40+ continued their run of victories as did the Female U18 team. While the Female U16 team were placed second in Round 12, they had already built a commanding lead on the season ladder. The DVAC teams in the State Age Groups finished Round 12 in the following positions:

Female: Open – 2nd/36; Under 20 – 22nd/24; Under 18 – 1st/38; Under 16 – 2nd/35; Under 14 – 17th/34; 40+ - 2nd/34.

Male: Open – 24th/38: Under 20 – 4th/26; Under 18 – 8th/36; Under 16 – 9th/35; Under 14 – 2nd/30; 40+ - 1st/42.



                  The Diamond Valley Athletic Club has had a hugely successful season of Summer athletics with four age division teams finishing on top of the State ladder at the end of the season. The DVAC teams in the Female 40+, Female Under 18, Female Under 16 and Men 40+ have all finished as champion teams their respective State Age group. Congratulations to all Valley athletes who have contributed to these victories throughout the Summer of 2023/2024.

                  The likely finishing order on the State ladders of all DVAC teams are as follows:

                  Female: Open - 2nd; Under 20 - 24th; Under 18 – 1st; Under 16 – 1st; Under 14 – 10th; 40+ - 1st.

                  Male: Open – 18th; Under 20 – 5th; Under 18 – 10th; Under 16 – 7th; Under 14 – 6th; 40+ - 1st.



                  Seven DVAC female athletes scored over the ‘magic’ 1000 points for the day in Round 12. There were 5 DVAC male athletes to score over the 1000 points.

                  Kirra Wright (U16) had her best day for the season scoring a total of 1206 points. Kirra, a T38 athlete, made up her point score with the following results: 100m – 15.74 (414); 400m – 78.93 (431); Long Jump – 3.26m (324); 4 x 200m Relay – (37).

                  Kirra certainly had a busy day, doing Little Aths in the morning before travelling over to Doncaster. Her 78.93 was the first sub 80 second run for a good while and brought much pleasure.

                  The other six DVAC women to go over the 1000 point mark in Round 12 were: Vanessa Smith (U18) - 1140; Zoey Ryan (U16) – 1125; Tara Smith (U18) – 1100; Keely Boyne (Open) – 1051; Aylaa Arunan (U14) – 1036; Debbie McKenzie (40+) – 1002.

                  The DVAC men to score over the 1000 points were: Asher Andrews (U18) – 1323; Colin Newman (40+) – 1283; Bruce Wood (40+) 1191; Matthew Hall (40+) – 1187; and Damien Cusack(40+ - 1072.

                  Congratulations to all on their great day at the AVSL Round 12.



                  With the State Championships being held over the next two weeks, Round 12 was a perfect time to post a personal best effort.

When Vanessa Smith (U18) got onto her best throw with the 3kg Hammer it sailed well out before landing at 43.67m. For Charmaine Smith, Vanessa’s mother, the walk out to spike the mark was a joyful exercise as she realised the likely measurement. For Vanessa, the wait until the measurement was carried out at the end of competition was a long one.  When it came, she had official confirmation that she had extended her best throw by 2.75m.

Damien Cusack (40+) went even better; he improved on his previous best Javelin throw by 6.37m when he landed a throw of 34.66m.

Other PB’s in Round 12 included: Lucy Johns (U16) - 1500m Walk (7:49.5); Vanessa Smith(U18) – 400m (72.98); Jesse Porter (U14) – 100m 14.12 (14.22); Joel Imbriano (U18) – 1500m (4:30.3); Glen Imbriano (U16) -100m (13.83); Thomas Short (U16) – 4:28.4.



                  Season best efforts came from the following:

                  Keely Boyne (Open) – 100m Hurdles (14.43); Alexandra Mills (Open) – Discus (42.03m) & Discus (10.43m); Alana Green (Open) – Pole Vault (3.55m); Katie Oliver (U18) – 100m (12.62); Rebecca Hvalica (U16) – (12.63); Luella Wood (U16) – 400m (72.16) & 1500m (5:29.2); Ines Caton-Smith (U16) – Javelin (34.50m);  Aylaa Arunan (U14) – Triple Jump (9.02m); James Hurley (U20) – 100m (12.14); Harley Gilbert (U20) – 100m (12.77); Joel Imbriano (U18) – 400m (61.11); Ethan Armstrong-Bourne (U16) – 400m (57.18); Joshua Corden (U14) – 400m (1:30.82); Jack Daley (U16) – 1500m (5:29.3)



                  The Diamond Valley Athletic Club filled all of it’s assigned duties in Round 12, as it has done all season. The generosity of the Valley community is impressive as is its commitment to the sport of athletics. Thanks go to the following for their assistance as DVAC Club Helpers:

                  Sprint Hurdles Set-up: Cathy Tomkins

                  Hammer Throw: Paula Merino, Anni Rowe, Luke Hamilton, Keira Sanchez, Hanna Rowe, Adam Scott, Ivan Dodin, Greg Luck, Chris Whelan, Niluka Vidanapathirana, Max Balchin, Maryann Murray, Charmaine Smith, Alexia Moxon

                  Relay Changeover: Sharon Ritchie, Bec Quigley

                  Track: Luke De Biasi

                  Lap Scoring: David Havilica

                  Discus (at Glenhuntly): Matthew Hall, Kate Ryan



                  DVAC had a number of AV Officials who led the conduct of events at Doncaster. These included: Jeff Hughes, Jane Lacock, David Armstrong, Stuart Schnaars, Andrew Stirling, Rick Clarke & Paul Schofield. Thank you all for your great work.


AVSL Round 12

Saturday 17 February 2024

Doncaster & Glenhuntly

DVAC Results:


Female OP
100m: Keely Boyne 12.15 (+0.0); 
1500m: Sarah Papadopoulos 7:27.0h; 
100m Hurdles: Keely Boyne 14.43 (-0.5); 
3000m Walk: Sarah Papadopoulos 20:05.3h; 
4x200m: (Olivia Sheens, Jamie Ritchie, Charlee Dickson, Keely Boyne) 1:47.10; (Alexia Moxon, Luella Wood, Amelia Di Benedetto, Kirra Wright) 2:18.64; 
Discus: Alexandra Mills 42.03m; 40.50m; 
Hammer: Sarah Papadopoulos 14.97m; Lucinda Derrett 34.88m; 
Javelin: Sarah Papadopoulos 10.38m; Lucinda Derrett 24.27m; 
Pole Vault: Alana Green 3.55m; 
Shot Put: Alexandra Mills 10.43m; 
Female 20
400m: Sugi Neecowen 63.70; 
Female 18
100m: Katie Oliver 12.62 (1.1); Olivia Sheens 13.36 (-1.4); Mackenzie Genders 13.85 (-0.9); Tess Gillson 13.94 (-0.9); Thyra Abolencia 14.49 (-0.5); Annalise Jones 14.79 (-0.9); Alexia Moxon 15.39 (-0.9); 
400m: Tess Gillson 66.10; Charlee Dickson 68.55; Vanessa Smith 72.98; Ella Littlehales 77.16; 
1500m: Ella Littlehales 5:30.2h; 
100m Hurdles: Annalise Jones 20.25 (+0.0); 
400m Hurdles: Charlee Dickson 69.22; 
4x200m: (Mackenzie Genders, Thyra Abolencia, Ella Littlehales, Aylaa Arunan) 2:04.85; 
Hammer: Vanessa Smith 43.67m; Alexia Moxon 15.86m; Keira Sanchez 39.44m; Tara Smith 34.93m; 
Javelin: Vanessa Smith 34.73m; Keira Sanchez 21.07m; Tara Smith 32.89m; 
Long Jump: Vanessa Smith 3.91m; Alexia Moxon 3.48m; Tara Smith 3.75m; Mackenzie Genders 4.65m; Thyra Abolencia 4.41m; 
Female 16
100m: Rebecca Hvalica 12.63 (0.7); Elisha Blair 13.26 (1.6); Liv Nicholls 14.30 (-0.5); Zoey Ryan 14.71 (0.8); Kirra Wright 15.74 (-0.9); Teagan Corden DNS; 
400m: Luella Wood 72.16; Georgia L'Estrange 72.63; Lucy Johns 75.19; Kirra Wright 78.93; 
1500m: Luella Wood 5:29.2h; Rose Jarvis NT; Georgia L'Estrange NT; 
1500m Walk: Lucy Johns 7:49.5h; 
Discus: Zoey Ryan 24.90m; 
Hammer: Zoey Ryan NM; Hanna Rowe 31.82m; Amelia Di Benedetto 25.55m; 
Javelin: Amelia Di Benedetto 24.55m; Ines Caton-Smith 34.50m; Teagan Corden NM; 
Long Jump: Kirra Wright 3.26m; Zoey Ryan 3.88m; Teagan Corden 2.90m; Liv Nicholls NM; 
Shot Put: Zoey Ryan 9.42m; 
Female 14
100m: Jamie Ritchie 13.59 (-1.4); 
Javelin: Aylaa Arunan 16.46m; 
Long Jump: Aylaa Arunan 3.79m; 
Shot Put: Aylaa Arunan 6.04m; 
Triple Jump: Aylaa Arunan 9.02m; 
Female 40
100m: Meg Nicholls 16.30 (+0.0); Kate Ryan 16.84; Jo Moxon 20.19; 
400m: Jo Moxon 1:31.02; Karen Quinn 1:43.58; Debbie McKenzie 83.02; Michelle King 85.35; 
1500m: Debbie McKenzie 5:57.4h; Jo Moxon 6:48.6h; Michelle King 6:57.9h; Karen Quinn 7:23.3h; 
1500m Walk: Karen Quinn 10:10.6h; Kate Ryan 10:19.2h; Jo Moxon 11:21.9h; Debbie McKenzie 9:58.7h; 
4x200m: (Jo Moxon, Paula Merino, Michelle King, Debbie McKenzie) 2:47.22; 
Discus: Kate Ryan 15.61m; 
Hammer: Paula Merino 24.47m; Kate Ryan 17.19m; Gaelyne Kenshole 21.59m; Michelle King 17.04m; Briony Rheuben DNS; 
Javelin: Debbie McKenzie 16.40m; Paula Merino 11.17m; Kate Ryan 13.84m; Gaelyne Kenshole 14.05m; 
Long Jump: Meg Nicholls 3.44m; 
Pole Vault: Gaelyne Kenshole 2.50m; 
Shot Put: Kate Ryan 6.54m; 


Male OP

100m: Joshua Scott 13.04 (0.2); Jarryd Cripps 13.92 (-1.0); 
400m: Jarryd Cripps 59.06; 
1500m: Jarryd Cripps 4:38.0h; 
4x200m: (Jarryd Cripps, Joshua Scott, Dillon Vidanapathirana, James Hurley) 1:47.66; 
Long Jump: Joshua Scott DNS; 
Male 20
100m: Hayden Moon 11.77 (0.3); Zack Lambie 11.99 (0.3); James Hurley 12.14 (0.2); Harley Gilbert 12.77 (+0.0); Dillon Vidanapathirana 13.28 (+0.0); 
400m: Dillon Vidanapathirana 66.18; 
Long Jump: Dillon Vidanapathirana 3.33m; James Hurley 5.61m; Harley Gilbert 5.22m; 
Male 18
100m: Rowan Fletcher 14.39 (+0.0); 
400m: Joel Imbriano 61.11; Rhodri Whelan 63.31; 
1500m: Joel Imbriano 4:30.3h; Rhodri Whelan 4:37.8h; 
110m Hurdles: Asher Andrews DNS; 
4x200m: (Thomas Short, Ethan Armstrong-Bourne, Asher Andrews, Joel Imbriano) 1:43.78; 
Javelin: Asher Andrews 49.00m; Rowan Fletcher 33.05m; 
Long Jump: Asher Andrews 6.04m; Joel Imbriano 4.49m; 
Pole Vault: Asher Andrews 3.25m; 
Male 16
100m: Glen Imbriano 13.83 (-0.7); Will Dickson 15.52 (-2.1); 
400m: Ethan Armstrong-Bourne 57.18; Glen Imbriano 68.42; 
1500m: Ethan Armstrong-Bourne 4:19.6h; Thomas Short 4:28.4h; Brodie Batt 4:35.6h; Nicholas Tomkins 4:39.8h; Glen Imbriano 4:55.0h; Jack Daley 5:29.3h; 
4x200m: (Jesse Porter, Glen Imbriano, Jaime Hvalica, Brodie Batt) 1:53.99; 
Long Jump: Will Dickson 3.99m; 
Male 14
100m: Jesse Porter 14.12 (-1.0); Joshua Corden 18.48 (-0.2); 
400m: Joshua Corden 1:30.82; William Quigley 62.71; 
800m: Kai Bunyard 2:11.44; 
1500m: William Quigley 4:56.1h; 
3000m Walk: Jaime Hvalica 15:55.0h; 
Javelin: Toby Hamilton 33.82m; Joshua Corden 13.01m; 
Long Jump: Toby Hamilton SCR; Joshua Corden 2.69m; 
Male 40
100m: Lalith Udugampala 12.61 (+0.0); Chris Boyne 13.49 (0.2); Adam Scott 13.56 (-0.7); Cyrus Wong 15.32 (-1.0); Greg Luck 15.37 (-2.1); Aaron Bourne 15.84 (0.2); Andrew McKenzie 16.13 (-0.2); Lyal Douglas 17.98 (-0.2); 
400m: Adam Scott 57.49; Damien Cusack 60.67; Aaron Bourne 71.26; Lyal Douglas 72.56; Andrew McKenzie 73.13; Greg Luck DNS; 
1500m: Damien Cusack 4:41.0h; Daniel Rees 4:47.0h; Aaron Bourne 5:27.5h; Cyrus Wong 6:17.3h; Damien Clifford 6:33.3h; Lyal Douglas 6:39.0h; Andrew McKenzie 6:39.3h; 
110m Hurdles: Lalith Udugampala; 
1500m Walk: Bernie Keirl DQ; 
4x200m: (Lalith Udugampala, Chris Boyne, Greg Luck, Adam Scott) 1:55.87; (Cyrus Wong, Damien Cusack, Arunan Arumainayagam, Aaron Bourne) 2:02.91; (Alan Abolencia, Andrew McKenzie, Lyal Douglas, Damien Clifford) 2:42.61; 
Discus: Bruce Wood 29.74m; Colin Newman 27.22m; Matthew Hall 30.00m; 
Hammer: Bruce Wood 20.16m; Jeff Young DNS; Colin Newman 37.48m; Matthew Hall 25.89m; Alan Abolencia 9.63m; 
Javelin: Bruce Wood DNS; Damien Cusack 34.66m; Cyrus Wong 25.61m; Alan Abolencia NM; Arunan Arumainayagam 24.19m; 
Long Jump: Greg Luck 3.66m; Lalith Udugampala 4.98m; Cyrus Wong 3.66m; Arunan Arumainayagam 4.09m; 
Shot Put: Bruce Wood 9.24m; Colin Newman 11.80m; Matthew Hall 9.58m; Arunan Arumainayagam 6.93m; 
Triple Jump: Arunan Arumainayagam 9.27m;



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