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Thirty one DVAC athletes travelled to Adelaide to compete in the 2024 Australian Track & Field Championships held over nine days of competition. The Valley athletes won a total of 11 medals – 5 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze at the Championships. In 2023 DVAC was represented by 27 athletes who won a total of 6 medals.

Each of the DVAC athletes who competed at the Nationals will have their own story to tell but a common theme was that they felt some anxiety going into competition but were generally immensely relieved and proud of themselves afterwards. Many of the athletes even improved on their previous best performances in the heat of battle. The DVAC athletic community will be the richer for their experience.


KIRRA WRIGHT: FU17 (Para T36/F36): Kirra entered the 2024 Championships newly Classified as a T36/F36 athlete to reflect the condition that she competes with. Kirra is the holder of 5 DVAC club records as a T38 athlete. Kirra’s desire to compete at the highest level possible as an athlete has never wavered and this was evident at Adelaide where she won three Gold medals: 100m (15.89 - 86.69%), Long Jump (3.71m - 87.29%) and the Shot Put (8.06m - 68.36%). Kirra has established DVAC club records in all five of the events she competed in at Adelaide. Her 8.06m Shot Put was a personal best effort.

MAX DAVIDSON: MU16 3000m Race Walk – 13:52.29

Max continued his remarkable success in the junior Walks scene, having won the Australian All Schools last December and finishing second at last year’s Nationals. Max has lowered his previous best time from 14:16.47 to 13:52.29 at Adelaide and finished over a minute and a half ahead of the second placegetter.

TOBY HAMILTON: MU15 High Jump – 1.84m

All fourteen competitors in the MU15 High Jump cleared 1.60m or better in an outstanding competition. To win the Gold medal DVAC’s Toby Hamilton jumped 5cm higher than ever before to clear 1.84m.


KIRRA WRIGHT: FU17 (Para T36/F36): Kirra’s busy schedule at Adelaide included the 200m (33.058 - 85.35%) and the 400m (1:18.24 - 85.58%) where she won Silver medals to complete an outstanding week of athletics.

JORDAN RUDD: MU20 (Para T20) 400m: Jordan opened his account at Adelaide by lowering his time for the 400m to 58.34 (80.42%) to win the Silver medal in a highly contested race. Jordan did not win medals in the 800m (2:11.80 – 83.39%) or the 1500m (4:46.80 – 76.62%) but they were both big personal best efforts. Jordan also did a Long Jump (4.52m – 59.16%) to complete a busy Championship. Jordan established new DVAC club records for the Para T20 in the 400m, 800m & 1500m events.


ASHER ANDREWS: MU18 Decathlon (6544 points). Asher opened his 10 event marathon with an electric 11.15 100m to record a new personal best effort and earn a healthy 827 points. Asher also had personal best efforts in the High Jump (1.88m) and the 400m (53.61). Asher won top points in the High Jump. By the time Asher lined up for the final event, the 1500m, he had already surpassed his previous best total score. As if the Decathlon was not enough, Asher also competed in the 100m, Long Jump and Javelin later in the week. The Decathlon points score of 6544 points establishes a new DVAC club record.

ELYSSIA KENSHOLE: Women Open Pole Vault: 4.05m

Back to back medals at the highest level of competition reaffirms Elyssia as one of Australia’s best Pole Vaulters.

JAMIE RITCHIE: WU14 200m. Jamie produced her best ever run over 200m in the final, clocking 25.79 and crossing in third place. In the 100m, Jamie lowered her best time in the Heat with a 12.20 and finished in 4th place in the final in 12.88.


In the nine days of competition there were many wonderful performances by the DVAC athletes. Below is a list of pb’s by some of them (apologies to those I have missed):

Tara Smith – WU20 Javelin: 36.26m

Vanessa Smith – WU18 Javelin: 39.79m

Lucy Johns – WU16 3000m Walk: 16:27.68

Matilda Johnson – WU15 1500m: 4:43.06

Dillon Vidanapathirana – MOpen (Para T20) 200m: 26.25 (new DVAC record)

Caden Murray – MOpen 5000m: 14:53.06

Charlie Gray – MU17 110m Hurdles: 16.36

Chehan Udugampala – MU17 Javelin: 39.57m

William Quigley – MU15 2000m Steeplechase: 6:51.79

2024 Australian Track & Field Championships

Thursday 11 April to Friday 19 April 2024

DVAC Results:



100m: Keely Boyne (Semi-final) 12.05

100m Hurdles: Keely Boyne (Heat) 13.96

Pole Vault: Elyssia Kenshole (Prelim): 3.75m (Q); (Final): 4:05m (3rd)

Under 20:

100m: Katie Oliver (Heat) 12.67

200m: Katie Oliver (Heat) 26.69

400m: Sugi Neecowen (Heat) 1:02.38

400m Hurdles: Charlee Dickson (Heat) 1:05.47; (Final) 1:08.52 (8th)

Hammer Throw: Tara Smith (Final) 37.51m (17th)

Javelin: Tara Smith (Final) 36.26m (11th)

Under 18:

800m: Ally Brooks (Heat) 2:18.88

1500m: Ally Brooks (Final) 4:48.58 (14th)

400m Hurdles: Jamieson Lander (Heat) 1:07.23 (q); Final 1:06.02 (7th)

Hammer Throw: (Final) Hanna Rowe 39.51m (17th); Vanessa Smith 38.78m (18th); Zoey Ryan 36.28m (19th)

Javelin: (Final) Vanessa Smith 39.79m (6th)

Under 17:

100m: Maddy Meagher (Heat) 12.92

200m: Maddy Meagher (Heat) 25.76

100m: Kirra Wright (Para T36/F36) Final: 15.89 (86.69%) 1st

200m: Kirra Wright (Para T36/F36) Final: 33.05 (85.35%) 2nd

400m: Kirra Wright (Para T36/F36) Final: 1:18.24 (85.58%) 2nd

Long Jump: Kirra Wright (Para T36/F36) Final: 3.71m (87.29%) 1st

Shot Put: Kirra Wright (Para T36/F36) Final: 8.06m (68.36%) 1st

Under 16:

100m: Rebecca Hvalica (Heat) 12.41

200m: Rebecca Hvalica (Heat) 25.95

3000m Race Walk: Lucy Johns (Final) 16:27.68 (8th)

Shot Put: Zoey Ryan (Final) 8.10m (13th)

Hammer Throw: Zoey Ryan (Final) 41.41m (6th); Hanna Rowe (Final) 36.20m (11th)

Under 15:

400m: Oli Oldfield (Heat) 1:01.02

800m: Matilda Johnson (Heat) 2:21.00

1500m: Matilda Johnson (Final) 4:43.06 (8th)

Under 14:

100m: Jamie Ritchie (Heat) 12.20 (Q); 12.88 (4th)

200m: Jamie Ritchie (Heat) 26.27 (Q), 25.79 (3rd)

Under 13:

Javelin: Aylaa Arunan (Final) 17.74m (12th)

Discus: Aylaa Arunan (Final) 21.18m (16th)



100m: Dillon Vidanapathirana (Para T20 Ambulant) (Heat) 13.15 (81.06%)

200m: Dillon Vidanapathirana (Para T20 Ambulant) (Heat) 26.25 (81.71%)

400m: Dillon Vidanapathirana (Para T20 Ambulant) (Heat) 59.66 (78.77%)

1500m: Jaryd Clifford (T13) (Heat) 3:50.33

5000m: Caden Murray (Heat) 14:53.06

Under 20:

400m: Jordan Rudd (Para T20) (Final) 58.34 (80.42%) 2nd

800m: Jordan Rudd (Para T20) (Final) 2:11.80 (83.39%) 5th

1500m: Jordan Rudd (Para T20) (Final) 4:46.80 (76.62%) 6th

Long Jump: Jordan Rudd (Para T20) (Final) 4.52m (59.16%) 6th

Under 18:

100m: Asher Andrews (Heat) 11.58

Long Jump: Asher Andrews (Final) 6.66m (7th)

Javelin: Asher Andrews (Final) 52.64m (7th)

Decathlon: Asher Andrews (Final) 6544 points (3rd)

Day 1: 100m: 11.15 (827pts) 2nd; Long Jump: 6.67m (736pts) 2nd; Shot Put: 12.25m (622pts) 5th; High Jump: 1.88m (696pts) 1st; 400m: 53.61 (656pts) 4th;

Day 2: 110m Hurdles: 15.79 (757pts) 3rd; Discus: 39.12m (647pts) 5th; Pole Vault: 3.60m (509pts) =2nd; Javelin: 50.56m (597pts) 3rd; 1500m: 5:11.21 (497pts) 9th;

Under 17:

110m Hurdles: Charlie Gray (Heat) 16.36

Shot Put: Paora Okirua (Final) 15.97m (4th)

Hammer Throw: Paora Okirua (Final) 35.46m (8th)

Under 16:

3000m Race Walk: Max Davidson (Final) 13:52.29 (1st)

Javelin: Chehan Udugampala (Final) 36.57m (13th)

Hammer Throw: Chehan Udugampala (Final) 39.57m (8th)

Under 15:

800m: Kai Bunyard (Heat) 2:08.86

2000m Steeplechase: William Quigley (Final) 6:51.79 (7th)

3000m Race Walk: Jamie Hvalica (Final) DNS

Javelin: Toby Hamilton (Final) 38.18m (7th)

High Jump: Toby Hamilton (Final) 1.84m (1st)


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