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The third round of the Athletics Victoria 2024 Winter season was a road race set on the flat & fast course around the Formula 1 circuit at Albert Park. Racing over 3km and 10km distances in near perfect conditions the large fields of runners, over 1000 in the 10km and close to 200 in the 3km, finished their journey on the track at Lakeside Stadium. The 41 Diamond Valley Athletic Club athletes (26 Open age and 15 Juniors) who raced managed to post impressive individual and team results.


Heidi Kuppler, FU14, won her 3km in a time of 9:51, a clear 37 seconds ahead of her nearest rival. The quality of this achievement can be measured against the DVAC club record for the 3000m on the track that Heidi set for the FU14 last December at 10:10.39. Heidi had set out with the ambition to go under 10 minutes and she was very pleased with the decisive margin. Heidi will now have a clear lead on the individual season ladder for 2024, having won the only other individual race at Hanging Rock.


The DVAC Division 2 teams have again been led by Shania Murray and her brother, Caden. Shania led the DVAC Female Open runners in the 10km and finished in a time of 35:48 to cross in 21stplace. This time was back to her best on the course and is a good omen for later events coming up.

Following in to complete the Female Division 2 team were Mikaela Gray, 40:29, Debbie McKenzie, 49:04 & Alyssa Nichols, 51:18. The team finished 9th out of the 11 teams in Division 2.

Caden Murray dropped his previous best time on the 10km circuit by 1min 19sec when he completed the 10km in 30:29. A feature of Caden’s run was his strength in the back half: Caden went through the first 5km in 15:21 and then covered the second 5km in 15:08.

Coming in to complete the DVAC Division 2 team were Vincent Donnadieu 31:16; Tim Logan 31:47; Blake Barnes 34:28; Dylan Littlejohn 35:35 & James Telford 35:55. The team finished 7th out of the 14 teams in Division 2.

Ps: Don’t forget Martin Murray, father of Caden & Shania, was a member of the only winning Valley team on the day.


The only Valley team to win their division at Albert Park were defending champions, the M60+ Short Course. Led by Rob Wendel (13:35) and followed in by Martin Murray (14:23) and Greg Luck (14:49) the team not only won the M60+ SC but also managed to get listed as the second place in the M40+ SC. That is some achievement!


There were so many special achievements on the roads at Albert Park last Sunday and in no particular order here are a few of them:

  • Ally Brooks (10:15) came in 4th in the F18 race.
  • Rose Jarvis (10:28) was another to claim a 4th place and that time was the best she has done over the distance.
  • Cameron Ellis (MU18) showed his abilty over the 10km, clocking 34:21. Teammate, Patrick Knight (36:26) was very pleased with his time after the race. Jordan Rudd was shooting for a sub 40 but he still took over two minutes off last years time when he crossed in 40:32.

  • Just great times by - Brodie Batt (MU16), 9:46; Jett Hollingsworth (MU14) 10:34;
  • Welcome to the Valley: Alyssa Nicholas (51:18); Isaac Craig (34:41); Ashleigh McKenzie (46:58).
  • Welcome back to the Valley: Mark Tapping (44:54).
  • Erin Maloney (42:33) and Ella Littlehales (48:16) had overcome all their fears of the 10km by the time they went under ‘Archie’.
  • Congratulations to James & Kirby Telford on the arrival of their son, Jenson Ralph on the 28thMay.


Our new club president, Paul Schofield, for filling one of the DVAC Club Helper duties by riding his bike ahead of the lead pack throughout the race. Thanks also goes to Rory McPhillips for taking up the job at Point 7 for the duration of the 10km race.

XCR’24 Round 3: Road Races at Albert Park

Sunday 2 June 2024

DVAC Results:

Female Open
10km: Shania Murray 35:41; Mikaela Gray 40:29; Ashleigh McKenzie 46:58*; Debbie McKenzie 49:04; Alyssa Nicholas 51:18; Kate Ryan 52:10; Jo Moxon 55:28; Michelle King 57:25; (*DVAC Member)
3km: Elyse Littlejohn 18:12;
Female 20
10km: Erin Maloney 42:33; Ella Littlehales 48:16;
Female 18
3km: Ally Brooks 10:15; Jamieson Lander 12:16;
Female 16
3km: Rose Jarvis 10:28; Lucy Johns 12:29;
Female 14
3km: Heidi Kuppler 09:51;
Male Open
10km: Caden Murray 30:29; Vincent Donnadieu 31:16; Tim Logan 31:47; Blake Barnes 34:28; Dylan Littlejohn 35:35; James Telford 35:55; Charles Jacobson 36:04; Jarryd Cripps 37:56; Craig Cassidy 38:18; Scott Barnes 42:41; Mark Tapping 44:54; Brett Maloney 45:03; Michael Martello DNF;
3km: Rob Wendel 13:35; Jesse Littlehales 13:50; Martin Murray 14:23; Greg Luck 14:49;
Male 20
10km: Isaac Craig 34:41; Jordan Rudd 40:32;
Male 18
10km: Cameron Ellis 34:21; Patrick Knight 36:26;
Male 16
3km: Brodie Batt 09:46; Felix Morgan 11:10; Jack Daley 11:25;
Male 14
3km: Jett Hollingsworth 10:34;

DVAC Team Results:


Division 2: 9th/11 Teams: 433 (4) 21, 69, 165, 178

Shania Murray, Mikaela Gray, Debbie McKenzie, Alyssa Nicholas

Division 4: 4th/11 Teams: 574 (3) 182, 193, 199

Kate Ryan, Jo Moxon, Michelle King

FU20: 5th/17 Teams: 31 (2) 14, 21

Erin Maloney, Ella Littlehales

FU18: 4th/15 Teams: 28 (2) 4, 24

Ally Brooks, Jamieson Lander

FU16: 7th/14 Teams: 24 (2) 4, 20

Rose Jarvis, Lucy Johns

FU14: 6th/15 Teams: 1 (1) 1

Heidi Kuppler


Division 2: 7th/14 Teams: 673 (6) 17, 31, 49, 162, 203, 211

Caden Murray; Vincent Donnadeiu; Tim Logan; Blake Barnes; Dylan Littlejohn; James Telford

Division 5: 8th/16 Teams 1,185 (4) 214, 279, 294, 398

Charles Jacobson; Jarryd Cripps; Craig Cassidy; Scott Barnes

Division 7: 27th/41 Teams: 857 (2) 427, 430

Mark Tapping; Brett Maloney

MU20: 9th/19 Teams: 52 (2) 21, 31 (Field of 19)

Isaac Craig, Jordan Rudd

MU18: 11th/16 Teams: 35 (2) 19, 28

Cameron Ellis, Patrick Knight

MU16: 7th/20 Teams: 86 (3) 11, 37, 38

Brodie Batt, Felix Morgan, Jack Daley

MU14: 9th/15 Teams: 9 (1) 9

Jett Hollingsworth

Male 40+: 14th/88 Teams: 158 (3), 36,43, 79

Dylan Littlejohn, Charles Jacobson, Craig Cassidy

Male 40+: 54th/88 Teams: 486 (3) 145, 170, 171

Scott Barnes, Mark Tapping, Brett Maloney

Male 50+: 25/42 Teams 241 (3) 66, 87, 88

Scott Barnes, Mark Tapping, Brett Maloney

Male 40+ Short Course: 2nd/7 Teams 25 (3) 6, 9, 10

Rob Wendel, Martin Murray, Greg Luck

Male 60+ Short Course: 1st/4 Teams 12 (3) 3,4,5

Rob Wendel, Martin Murray, Greg Luck


Sunday 2nd June: Rd 3: Lakeside:10 Albert Par


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