Published Sun 11 Feb 2024


This was the biggest challenge for the Valley all season.

On a weekend when demands on DVAC athletes were at their greatest. VMC Rd 4 had been held on the Thursday night; many juniors were representing their Little Athletics venue at the Regional Championships; Elyssia Kenshole was on duty at the Adelaide Invitational; and the metropolitan competition was at either Knox or Aberfeldie, venues that can challenge families to support: all factors that added to the challenge of AVSL Round 11. To add to the complexity, Essendon were playing their wildcard for the Round and our main rivals, Eaglehawk, had a twilight meet in Bendigo. Even with a two point lead on the season ladder there were plenty of possible outcomes from Round 11 for DVAC.

DVAC watchers spent some nervous hours after the competition in Melbourne had finished and the Valley had somehow finished on top of the Premier Division ladder … so far. Slowly the updates dribbled in and only after considerable anguish was DVAC able to truly claim top spot for the Round which means that we go into Round 12, the final round for the season, with a three point lead and a fair claim on the season premiership.

DVAC had 62 athletes (29 Female & 33 Male) compete in AVSL Round 11 and they earned a total of 44,386 points for the Round, enough to edge out Eaglehawk who finished on 42, 594 points. The DVAC total means that the ‘average’ score for 62 athletes was a healthy 715 points.


DVAC is certainly fortunate to have the strongest line up of talent in the Men 40+ division. With a total of 42 members, the team within a team is an absolute powerhouse that is critical in keeping DVAC in prime position on the season ladder. The DVAC M40+ team sit on top of their division ladder for the season with a lead of some 33,000 points at the end of Round 10. In Round 11, there were twenty members of the DVAC M40+ team that competed and they earned over a third of the DVAC total for the day, some 16,496.

Leading the scores in Round 11 was Peter Van Der Kamp who finished with a total of 1,235 points earned from the 200m – 27.54 (377), 800m – 2:19.56 (420) & the 3000m Steeplechase – 11:38.22 (438 pts). It was the first time that Peter had run a Steeplechase!

Other M40+ members to score over the 1000 points were: Lalith Udugampala (1,190), Matthew Hall (1,170), Darren Rudd (1,134) & Adam Scott (1,027). Adam lowered his 400m time to 57.84.


After moving in to top place on the season ladder in Round 10, the DVAC F40+ team are still holding on to top of the ladder despite going down to main challenger, South Bendigo at the weekend. Going into the final round, the team has a lead of 2,511 points. In Round 11, nine DVAC F40+ earned a total of 6,411 points with Paula Merino leading the scores with a total of 1,024 points. Paula’s points came from the Shot Put – 6.58m (368), Javelin – 14.93m (273), and the Hammer Throw – 25.84m (383). Paula’s Hammer Throw was a personal best effort.

Highest individual score for the day came from Briony Rheuben who threw the 4kg Hammer a distance of 48.97m to earn 522 points.


DVAC has a proud tradition in the F18 age division in recent years with premierships in both Winter & Summer. In Round 11, the DVAC F18 team of ten athletes scored a total of 7710 points to head the State in their age group by a margin of over 2000 points. Four of the ten athletes scored over 1000 points for the team. These were: Keira Sanchez (1,300), Tara Smith (1,102), Vanessa Smith (1,043) and Mackenzie Genders (1,001).

Keira Sanchez’ total came from the Shot Put – 10.15m (450), Javelin 25.02m (397) and the Hammer Throw – 39.55m (543).


Going into Round 12, the DVAC F16 team of 13 athletes sits in top position on the season ladder with a lead of 13,000 points before Round 11. This will be reduced after Round 11 when the team was reduced to three athletes, Lucy Johns, Zoey Ryan and Georgia L’Estrange. Let’s see a return to normal transmission in Round 12 and truly celebrate a wonderful season.


Female: Open - (3rd); U20 – (no score); U18 – (1st); U16 – (11th); U14 – (20th); F40+ - (2nd)

Male: Open – (12th); U20 – (8th); U18 – (14th); U16 – (33rd); U14 – (15th); M40+ - (1st)


  • SAYE THAT AGAIN! In Round 8, DVAC sprint star, Saye Morris, blitzed down the 100m in 10.51. This week, Saye has clocked a 10.57 run over the 100m to earn a massive 515 points. These are the two fastest runs for the season by a DVAC athlete. There was a tail wind measured at 3.5 at the Geelong venue. Both runs by Saye would be DVAC club records except for the tail winds measured over 2.0. The current DVAC record for the Men Open 100m is held by Nathan Riali at 10.69.
  • LOVE A GOOD PB: Jordan Rudd (T20) had a significant pb in the 800m when was clocked at 2:24.79. Jordan was in great form at Aberfeldie – running the 200m in 27.79 & landing 8.48m in the Triple Jump.
  • OTHER PB’S: Olivia Sheens (F18) – 100m in 12:85; Grace Robinson (F14) – 800m in 2:25.97; Mackenzie Genders (F18) – Triple Jump 10:04m; Rowan Fletcher (M18) – Shot Put 7.60m;
  • Steeples no barrier for William: First time over the 2000m Steeplechase and William Quigley(M14) looked right at home. William completed the five laps in 7:12.75. William will be aiming to make the qualifier for Nationals, 7:00min, at his next attempt at the State Championships.
  • David Armstrong hits the scoreboard: David Armstrong contributes more to athletics & DVAC than we can easily appreciate: the creator of Results Hub and a technical officer at the AV Tent each week; the person responsible for the DVAC Tent, Tables & chairs that are already set up in prime position when the rest of us arrive; this season, David has gone one step further – contributing to the DVAC scoresheet as an athlete. Last Thursday night David competed at the Ballarat venue and generated 776 points with his performances in the Shot Put, Javelin and 1500m Walk. Thanks, David!
  • Thanks to the following for their work in Round 11: Lyn Davis for lap scoring the Steeplechase events; Sarah Gittins and Maryann Murray for recording the Valley action in photos; Greg Luck, for organising the supply of cold drinks in the DVAC Esky; and to all those who contributed to the food spread on the table or helped to pack the DVAC Tent up at the end of the day.


AVSL RD 12 @ Doncaster (Saturday 17 February 2024)

Track: 1:00pm – Sprint Hurdles (110m, 100m, 90m, 80m); 1:00pm: Walks – 1500m/ 3000m; 1:45pm - 1500m (M); 2:00pm – 100m (F); 2:30pm – 1500m (F); 3:05pm – 100m (M); 4:15pm – 4x200m Relay (F); 4:30pm – 4x200m Relay (M); 4:45pm – 400m (F); 5:15pm – 400m (M)

Field: Long Jump; Pole Vault; Hammer Throw; Javelin

AVSL RD 12 @ Glenhuntly (Saturday 17 February 2024)

Track: 1:15pm – Long Hurdles (400m, 300m, 200m); 1:30pm – 800m (F); 2:00pm – 200m (M); 3:10pm – 200m (F); 3:10pm – 800m (M); 4:15pm – 4x200m Relay (F); 4:30pm – 4x200m Relay (M); 4:45pm – 3000m (F); 5:15pm – 3000m (M); 6:00pm – 5000m (All)

Field: Triple Jump; Pole Vault; Shot Put; Discus

  • SIGN UP NOW TO BE A CLUB HELPER AT DONCASTER NEXT SATURDAY. DVAC has been allocated the Hammer Throw and Track duties. See below for the Duty Roster and text Max on 0409 350 280 if you can assist.

AVSL Rd 11

Saturday 10 February 2024

Aberfeldie & Knox Venues

DVAC Results


Female OP
100m: Keely Boyne 12.43 (+0.0); Georgia Gillson 12.89 (+0.0);
200m: Sarah Papadopoulos 38.38 (0.2);
400m: Georgia Gillson 66.58;
800m: Rebecca Coultas 2:56.26; Sarah Papadopoulos 3:23.00;
100m Hurdles: Keely Boyne 14.44 (0.8);
Discus: Lucinda Derrett 28.47m; Alexandra Mills 38.30m; 39.33m;
Hammer: Lucinda Derrett 37.71m;
Javelin: Sarah Papadopoulos 11.33m;
Shot Put: Sarah Papadopoulos 5.72m; Georgia Gillson SCR;
Female 18
100m: Olivia Sheens 12.85 (1.7); Tess Gillson 13.88 (0.2);
200m: Mackenzie Genders 29.17 (0.7); Thyra Abolencia 29.30 (1.0); Annalise Jones 29.56 (1.4); Isabelle Brennan 31.30 (0.7); Alexia Moxon 33.86 (-0.5);
400m: Tess Gillson 65.76;
800m: Annalise Jones 3:05.45;
Hammer: Keira Sanchez 39.55m;
High Jump: Vanessa Smith 1.33m; Alexia Moxon 1.13m; Tara Smith 1.43m;
Javelin: Vanessa Smith 35.50m; Keira Sanchez 25.02m; Tara Smith 33.03m;
Shot Put: Vanessa Smith 8.69m; Keira Sanchez 10.15m; Tara Smith 8.15m; Mackenzie Genders 8.74m; Tess Gillson SCR;
Triple Jump: Alexia Moxon 8.11m; Mackenzie Genders 10.04m; Thyra Abolencia 9.77m;
Female 16
100m: Lucy Johns 16.65 (+0.0);
400m: Lucy Johns 75.34;
800m: Georgia L'Estrange 2:32.15;
2000m Walk: Lucy Johns 10:48.0h;
Hammer: Zoey Ryan 40.72m;
Javelin: Amelia Di Benedetto DNS; Teagan Corden DNS;
Shot Put: Amelia Di Benedetto DNS; Teagan Corden DNS;
Triple Jump: Teagan Corden DNS;
Female 14
800m: Grace Robinson 2:25.97;
Female 40
200m: Michelle King 37.20 (-0.5); Sarah Gittins 41.93 (-0.5); Jo Moxon 42.79 (-0.5);
800m: Debbie McKenzie 2:52.23; Jo Moxon 3:26.49; Michelle King 3:28.38;
Discus: Kate Ryan 17.26m;
Hammer: Paula Merino 25.84m; Briony Rheuben 48.97m;
Javelin: Maryann Murray 12.21m; Debbie McKenzie 14.88m; Paula Merino 14.93m; Sarah Gittins 10.92m; Gaelyne Kenshole 14.97m;
Pole Vault: Gaelyne Kenshole NM;
Shot Put: Jo Moxon 3.88m; Maryann Murray 6.04m; Debbie McKenzie 6.53m; Paula Merino 6.58m; Sarah Gittins 6.05m; Gaelyne Kenshole 8.18m; Michelle King 7.32m;


Male OP
100m: Saye Morris 10.57 (3.5); Joshua Scott 12.77 (-0.5);
200m: Jarryd Cripps 26.17 (-0.0);
800m: Caden Murray 2:00.40; Jarryd Cripps 2:05.30;
Discus: Joshua Scott NM;
Javelin: Caden Murray 23.92m;
Long Jump: Joshua Scott 4.36m;
Shot Put: Caden Murray 6.80m;
Male 20
200m: Hayden Moon 24.59 (-0.1); James Hurley 24.95 (0.2); Dillon Vidanapathirana 27.07 (-0.0);
800m: Dillon Vidanapathirana 3:06.37;
High Jump: James Hurley 1.53m;
Triple Jump: James Hurley 11.52m; Harley Gilbert 11.80m;
Male 18
200m: Jordan Rudd 27.79 (1.1);
400m: Rhodri Whelan 62.70;
800m: Jordan Rudd 2:24.79;
1500m: Rhodri Whelan 4:37.02;
High Jump: Asher Andrews DNS;
Javelin: Asher Andrews DNS; Rowan Fletcher 32.99m;
Long Jump: Rhodri Whelan 3.69m;
Shot Put: Asher Andrews DNS; Rowan Fletcher 7.60m;
Triple Jump: Jordan Rudd 8.48m;
Male 16
110m Hurdles: Charlie Gray 17.08 (-0.6);
Javelin: Chehan Udugampala NM;
Shot Put: Chehan Udugampala 12.18m;
Male 14
2000m Steeple: William Quigley 7:12.75;
Javelin: Joshua Corden DNS;
Shot Put: Joshua Corden DNS;
Triple Jump: Joshua Corden DNS;


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