Published Mon 08 Jan 2024


Over two days of hard fought competition, Asher Andrews (Men Under 18) and Lalith Udugampala (Men 50+) have emerged as Decathlon Gold medallists at the 2024 Victorian Combined Events Championships held at the Lakeside Stadium on the first weekend in January. Chehan Udugampala (Men Under 16) joined his father at Lakeside and gained valuable experience by completing the MU16 Heptathlon. Conditions over the weekend were extremely testing with heat & humidity on the Saturday and heavy rain setting in on the Sunday.

Asher Andrews (MU18) won his Gold medal after a thrilling three way contest with Asher’s 30 point lead at the end of Day 1 whittled down to two points mid-way through Day 2. A clearance of 3.02m in the Pole Vault in the rain really set Asher on his way to victory. In the end, his total score of 6057 points for the 10 events was just short of the 6069pts he earned at the 2023 Australian Junior Track & Field Championships in Brisbane but the conditions over the weekend made the achievement the more meritorious.

Asher led the field of six athletes in four of the events - the 100m, Long Jump, Javelin and Shot Put, while placing second in the High Jump, Discus and Pole Vault. In the 100m (11.25), 110m Hurdles (15.87) and High Jump (1.76m) Asher posted personal best performances. Asher scored his highest points in the 100m with 806pts.

A year ago, Asher completed the Decathlon at the Victorian Championships after suffering a hamstring tear in the second event and still managed to limp through to the finish place third in the MU17 competition. This qualified him for the Nationals where he placed 4th.

Lalith Udugampala (M50+) won the three way contest in the M50+ Decathlon with a total of 3386 points, 177 points clear of his nearest rival. Lalith won top points in the 110m, Long Jump, 100m Hurdles, Discus and Javelin and placed second in the 400m, Shot Put, 1500m and Pole Vault. Lalith scored his highest points in the 100m where his 12.59 was scored at 540.


“Day 2 was a bit tough with the weather.

I am so happy with my effort in the Pole Vault which I had done earlier in my sporting career. Managed to clear a few heights and it was fun.

It was wonderful to do it with Chehan so he got some encouragement as well. He loved it. Unfortunately he suffered a minor hamstring tear during the 200m on Day 1. He still wanted to do the Javelin and Long Jump on Day 2. Didn’t do the 1500m. It seems like a minor injury and he is very keen to get back soon.

We will absolutely do it again.

I enjoyed the time with the other two athletes in my group. There was really great comradeship throughout the competition.

I was really proud to represent DVAC and appreciated the ongoing support.”

Chehan Udugampala (MU16) competed in his first Combined Event Championship and finished 9th in the eleven strong field in the Men Under 16 Heptathlon. Chehan finished with a total score of 2411 points. In his favoured Throws events, the Shot Put (12.45m) and the Javelin (36.81m) Chehan finished in second place with his points score of 634 in the Shot Put being his best return for the meet. Remarkably, Chehan ran the 100m Hurdles for the very first time and still recorded a time of 18.59.

THANKS TO DVAC CLUB HELPER VOLUNTEERS: DVAC fulfilled all of the Club Helper duties assigned by Athletics Victoria over the weekend. Thanks to the Saturday crew: Lyn Davis & Max Balchin (Shot Put); Tony Kenshole (Pole Vault) & to David Armstrong (Javelin) on Sunday.

2024 Victorian Combined Events Championships

Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 January 2024

Lakeside Stadium

DVAC Results:

Male 18
Decathlon: Asher Andrews 6057pts: Pole Vault: 3.02m (362pts); Javelin: 47.65m (554pts); High Jump: 1.76m (593pts); Shot Put: 12.75m (652pts); 110m Hurdles: 15.87 (1.1) (747pts); 100m: 11.25 (-0.1) (806pts); Long Jump: 6.52m (1.4) (702pts); 400m: 54.39 (624pts); Discus: 38.53m (635pts); 1500m: 5:33.49 (382pts);

Place: 1st/6

Male 16
Heptathlon: Chehan Udugampala 2411pts: Javelin: 36.81m (396pts); 100m Hurdles: 18.59 (3.0) (469pts); 200m: 28.80 (1.2) (324pts); Shot Put: 12.45m (634pts); Long Jump: 4.35m (-0.4) (264pts); High Jump: 1.41m (324pts);
Place: 9th/11

Male 50+
Decathlon:Lalith Udugampala 3386pts: Long Jump: 5.09m (-0.3) (400pts); Discus: 29.68m (458pts); Pole Vault: 2.32m (203pts); Shot Put: 9.86m (477pts); 110m: 12.59 (-0.1) (540pts); High Jump: 1.37m (297pts); 100m Hurdles: 19.92 (1.9) (356pts); Javelin: 35.11m (372pts); 1500m: 7:29.24 (21pts); 400m: 64.88 (262pts);

Place: 1st/3





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