Published Sun 17 Dec 2023


There were many athletes who left the competition in Round 7 of the AVSL season with the pleasure of having reached a special achievement on the eve of Christmas. The combined efforts of the 69 athletes (32 Female & 37 Male) produced a result that put DVAC on top of the Premier Division for the round and in a healthy position to strike for a repeat of the premiership it won in the previous season. By the end of the Round 7 program, DVAC was in top position having scored a total of 48,013 points, 7000 points clear of the main rival for the season, Eaglehawk.

Leading the charge for the Valley in Round 7 were the 19 Men 40+ athletes who accumulated a massive total of 15,509 points to head the state in their Division as well as further their lead for the season. The Female U18 and Female U16 squads both furthered their hold on top position of the season ladder with wins in Round 7. Other squads in the top ten of their division in Round 7 were: Men U20 (8th); Men U18 (3rd); Men U16 (7th); Female U14 (10th); and the Female 40+ (2nd).


Like a F1 driver, DVAC athletes Briony Rheuben (F40) & Keira Sanchez (F18) pulled out all stops in Round 7 & came away with breakthrough performances. Briony Rheuben, established a Victorian record for F40 as well as extending her own DVAC club record when she sent the 4kg Hammer out for a distance of 51.41m (531pts).


It’s been great coming back to the sport I enjoyed so much in my childhood. I did well as a junior with a couple of national titles. I think my best throw as a 17 year old was around 53m. Then I stopped to pursue other things.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been back and I’m starting to see good progress by beating my existing club record. It really gave me the confidence boost I needed and motivates me to train even harder to beat it again.

My goals will be to keep improving my technique and push the distance close to the 55m-60m mark.

I train with a group of young throwers and the advice I give to them is that progress is not linear – it’s always going to be up & down. Keep believing in yourself and listen to your coach – always ask them questions. They and your training group are an integral part of your success.

Keira Sanchez (F18) moved up to the 4kg weight with the Hammer at the Geelong venue and had immediate success. Her best throw of 41.70m was a F20 national qualifier and established a new DVAC club record.


I have moved to 4kg as that will be the weight for States & Nationals next year and I am trying to get some practice.

The change of weight makes the turns more difficult as it’s that much harder to speed up in the turn; it affects the balance & coordination.

I will be throwing the 4kg moving forward to align with next year’s weight change.

Zoey Ryan (F16) threw the 3kg Hammer 46.11m to win Silver at the Australian All Schools in Perth and in Round 7 she went close to repeating the distance with a best throw of 46.01m.

Paula Merino (F40) threw a new personal best distance of with the 3kg Hammer24.89m.


A feature of the program for Round 7 was the introduction of the 1000m and the 150m distances. There was a general approval by the athletes of the move and the results were exciting. Matilda Johnson, F14, recorded the club’s first official sub three minute km by a female athlete when she worked a consistent pace for the two & a half laps to cross in 2:59.72. This effort produced the highest individual score of 540 points for the round. Coming in behind her were Poppy Scot-Dalgleish, F18, in 3:06.45 (450 pts) and Simone Kuppler, F45, in 3:07.17 (522pts).

For the Valley men, Thomas Short, M18, led the charge over the 1000m distance, clocking 2:46.64, edging out Jarryd Cripps, MOpen, 2:46.78, and Dylan Littlejohn, MOpen, 2:50.71.

In the 150m, Katie Oliver (F18) 19.36, Aris Patsouras (FOpen) 19.51, and Rebecca Hvalica(F16) 19.67, led the Valley women times. All had to contend with a headwind down the straight. It was the first run with DVAC for Aris Patsouras.

Top three performers for the Valley men in the 150m were Asher Andrews (M18) 17.51; Jarryd Cripps (MOpen) 18.60; & Lalith Udugampala (M40) 19:08.


In the Women’s Heat of the 3000m, Heidi Kuppler (F14) provided a highlight of the day at Meadowglen as she maintained a steady pace of around the 81 seconds per lap that caused her to keep moving through the field of 17. Heidi finished in 10:10.30 and established a new DVAC club record.


This week there were 11 DVAC athletes who accumulated over 1000 points from their best three events. The athletes were Luke De Biasi , M60, (1,404); Asher Andrews, M18, 1,380); Lalith Udugampala, M50, 1,323; Colin Newman, M40, 1,221; Amelia Di Benedetto, F16, 1,218; Darren Rudd, M55, 1,128; Tara Smith, F18, 1,123; Chehan Udugampala, M16, 1,119; Zoey Ryan, F16, 1,117; Gaelyne Kenshole, F50, 1,075; & Debbie McKenzie, F50, 1,042.

DVAC congratulates these athletes as well as all who turned out for Rd 7 to keep DVAC in the hunt for this year’s premiership.


It was tight for a while, but DVAC did cover all of the allotted Club Helper duties for Round 7. Thanks to the following:

High Jump: Adam Scott, Brooke Rudd, Sarah Gittins, Chris Whelan, Greg Luck, Greg Champion, Charmaine Smith

Track: Tim Johns, Charmaine Smith, Max Balchin, Jo Harford, Lyn Davis

Lap Scoring: Lyn Davis

Tent: The DVAC Tent was in pride of place thanks to the mighty work of David Armstrong. It was packed up by a happy band of helpers.

Officials: Rick Clarke, Jeff Hughes, Jane Lacock, Paul Schofield, Andrew Stirling, Stuart Schnaars


DVAC was happy to have Michael Constantine (M40) return to competition with DVAC. Round 7 also marked the first competition with DVAC by Aris Patsouras (FOpen). Welcome to both.


150m: Michael Cavanagh (M40) 19.79; Michael Constantine (M40) 21.28

Triple Jump: Alexia Moxon (F18) 8.38m (8.36m); Jordan Rudd (M18) 9.02m


Saturday 16 December 2023

Meadowglen & Frankston

DVAC Results:

Female OP
150m: Aris Patsouras 19.51 (-1.6);
3000m: Sarah Papadopoulos 15:46.19;
Discus: Sarah Papadopoulos 12.00m;
Shot Put: Elyssia Kenshole 9.60m; Sarah Papadopoulos 5.30m;
Female 20
150m: Sugi Neecowen DNS;
3000m: Fleur Owen 12:30.89;
Female 18
150m: Katie Oliver 19.36 (-1.6); Olivia Sheens 19.82 (-2.0); Thyra Abolencia 21.02 (-2.0); Annalise Jones 21.51 (-1.6); Tess Gillson 21.52 (-3.0); Vanessa Smith 24.28 (-0.2); Alexia Moxon 25.63 (-0.2);
1000m: Poppy Scot-Dalgleish 3:06.45;
150m: Mackenzie Genders DNS;
400m Hurdles: Charlee Dickson DNS;
Discus: Vanessa Smith NM; Tara Smith 29.75m;
Hammer: Keira Sanchez 41.70m;
High Jump: Vanessa Smith 1.39m; Tara Smith 1.39m;
Javelin: Keira Sanchez 28.76m;
Shot Put: Vanessa Smith 9.12m; Alexia Moxon 4.57m; Tara Smith 9.73m; Mackenzie Genders DNS; Tess Gillson 8.67m;
Triple Jump: Alexia Moxon 8.38m; Annalise Jones DNS; Mackenzie Genders DNS; Thyra Abolencia 9.70m;
Female 16
150m: Rebecca Hvalica 19.67 (-1.6); Teagan Corden 26.12 (-2.1);
1000m: Lucy Johns 3:41.17;
3000m: Lucy Johns 12:28.92;
Discus: Hanna Rowe 21.96m; Amelia Di Benedetto 26.23m;
Hammer: Zoey Ryan 46.01m; Hanna Rowe 34.10m; Amelia Di Benedetto 27.05m;
High Jump: Maddy Meagher DNS;
Javelin: Zoey Ryan 24.94m; Amelia Di Benedetto 25.40m;
Shot Put: Amelia Di Benedetto 8.04m; Teagan Corden 6.31m; Maddy Meagher DNS;
Triple Jump: Zoey Ryan 8.01m; Teagan Corden 6.75m;
Female 14
1000m: Matilda Johnson 2:59.72;
3000m: Heidi Kuppler 10:10.39;
Female 40
150m: Gaelyne Kenshole 25.20 (-0.9); Sarah Gittins 29.21 (-1.8); Jo Moxon 31.90 (-0.9);
1000m: Simone Kuppler 3:07.17; Debbie McKenzie 3:47.72;
150m: Michelle King 40.34 (-2.1);
1000m: Jo Moxon 4:20.35; Michelle King 4:39.40;
3000m: Jo Moxon 15:10.65;
5000m: Debbie McKenzie 23:01.0h;
300m Hurdles: Gaelyne Kenshole DNS;
Discus: Anni Rowe 24.32m; Sarah Gittins 11.68m; Gaelyne Kenshole 22.15m;
Hammer: Paula Merino 24.89m; Anni Rowe 40.36m; Kate Ryan 18.25m; Briony Rheuben 51.41m;
Javelin: Paula Merino 13.05m; Kate Ryan 13.96m;
Shot Put: Jo Moxon 5.05m; Debbie McKenzie 6.94m; Sarah Gittins 5.83m; Gaelyne Kenshole 7.87m; Michelle King 5.04m;
Triple Jump: Kate Ryan 6.26m; Gaelyne Kenshole 7.56m;
Male OP
150m: Jarryd Cripps 18.60 (+0.0);
1000m: Jarryd Cripps 2:46.78; Dylan Littlejohn 2:50.71;
150m: Joshua Scott DNS;
Shot Put: Joshua Scott 7.33m;
Male 20
150m: James Hurley 19.26 (+0.0); Harley Gilbert 19.37 (-0.3); Dillon Vidanapathirana 19.91 (-1.6);
1000m: Dillon Vidanapathirana 4:08.41;
High Jump: James Hurley 1.39m;
Triple Jump: James Hurley 10.85m; Harley Gilbert 11.20m;
Male 18
150m: Asher Andrews 17.51; Rowan Fletcher 24.07 (-2.5);
1000m: Joel Imbriano 2:54.51; Rhodri Whelan 3:00.55; Jordan Rudd 3:15.36;
3000m: Joel Imbriano 10:31.66; Rhodri Whelan 9:56.53;
110m Hurdles: Asher Andrews 16.43 (1.1);
Discus: Rhodri Whelan 9.75m; Rowan Fletcher 24.87m;
High Jump: Asher Andrews 1.74m;
Javelin: Asher Andrews 48.08m;
Shot Put: Rowan Fletcher 7.21m;
Triple Jump: Jordan Rudd 9.02m;
Male 16
150m: Chehan Udugampala 20.31 (-0.8);
1000m: Thomas Short 2:46.64; Felix Morgan 3:24.91; Jack Daley 3:38.5h;
3000m: Glen Imbriano 11:02.89; Jack Daley 11:47.79;
Discus: Chehan Udugampala 33.56m;
Shot Put: Glen Imbriano 7.22m; Will Dickson DNS; Chehan Udugampala 11.71m;
Triple Jump: Will Dickson DNS;
Male 14
150m: Jesse Porter 21.26 (-0.8);
1000m: Jaime Hvalica 3:23.05;
Shot Put: Joshua Corden DNS;
Triple Jump: Joshua Corden DNS;
Male 40
150m: Lalith Udugampala 19.08 (-0.3); Michael Cavanagh 19.79 (-0.8); Adam Scott 20.48 (-0.8); Michael Constantine 21.28 (-1.5); Darren Rudd 21.92 (-2.5); Cyrus Wong 22.46 (1.3); Greg Luck 22.90 (-2.5); Jeff Young 23.08 (1.3); Lyal Douglas 25.16 (-1.6); Greg Champion 25.81 (-1.6); Arunan Arumainayagam 26.54; Alan Abolencia 26.73 (1.3);
1000m: Andrew McKenzie 3:37.1h; Brett Maloney 3:38.0h; Lyal Douglas 3:46.26; Jeff Young 4:08.7h; Cyrus Wong 4:19.0h;
3000m: Damien Cusack 10:30.48; Brett Maloney 13:38.11; Cyrus Wong 14:00.56; Lyal Douglas 14:33.58;
5000m: Andrew McKenzie 23:02.0h;
Discus: Luke De Biasi 33.47m; Bruce Wood 30.50m; Adam Scott 22.00m; Colin Newman 22.71m; Lalith Udugampala 30.76m; Matthew Hall NM; Alan Abolencia 18.62m; Darren Rudd 20.81m;
Hammer: Arunan Arumainayagam 17.72m; Colin Newman 36.61m;
High Jump: Greg Luck 1.29m; Luke De Biasi DNS; Paul Schofield 1.54m; Damien Cusack 1.49m; Matthew Hall DNS; Greg Champion 1.14m; Michael Constantine 1.49m; SCR;
Javelin: Arunan Arumainayagam 28.46m;
Shot Put: Greg Luck 7.00m; Luke De Biasi 10.74m; Andrew McKenzie 6.20m; Bruce Wood 9.12m; Jeff Young 4.95m; Adam Scott 6.71m; Colin Newman 12.12m; Damien Cusack 7.87m; Darren Corden DNS; Lalith Udugampala 8.73m; Matthew Hall SCR; Alan Abolencia 7.26m; Darren Rudd 8.95m;
Triple Jump: Greg Luck 8.11m; Luke De Biasi 11.02m; Arunan Arumainayagam 8.81m; Cyrus Wong 6.63m; Darren Rudd 9.17m;


Dust off your Reindeer Antlers, Angel Wings, and Elf Costumes, and then start rehearsing Christmas Carols.

The Annual Diamond Valley Athletics Christmas Picnic is almost upon us. Santa's coming, and he has ordered a beautiful, balmy night with no rain!

There will be a barbeque and scrumptious salads, soft drinks, ice creams and icy poles, games on the infield, live music and Christmas carols (of course), entertainment for the little ones and the Hamper Raffle.

We welcome any donations of goods for the hampers. Please give them to Lyn or a committee member.

BYO: Chairs, Picnic rug, adult drinks, cash or tap and pay facilities for the raffle.

$10 per person / $5 kids U6


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