Published Sun 14 Jan 2024


The Diamond Valley Athletic Club is the defending Premier Division champion club and a win in Round 8 of the AVSL season has kept the hopes alive of being able to make it two in a row. It’s all on a knife edge as DVAC now sits eight points behind Eaglehawk on the Premier Division ladder and still needs to win three of the final four rounds of Shield including Round 10 when DVAC intends to use its Powerplay & double the points for that round. That’s a huge challenge for the Valley but definitely one that is worth striving to achieve.

There were 72 DVAC athletes (37 Female & 35 Male) who answered the call in AVSL Round 8 to generate a winning score of 46,813 points. While most of the DVAC athletes competed at Doncaster, there were others who competed at the Glenhuntly and Geelong venues.


The strength of the 40+ DVAC Male & Female team has been a points powerhouse all season, but never more pronounced than in Round 8. The 19 DVAC 40+ male athletes who competed in Round 8 amassed a total of 13,568 points with their activity while the 9 DVAC 40+ Female athletes earned a total of 5,966 points. Combined – the Valley Vets contributed a total of 41% of the clubs’ total of 46,813 points for Round 8.

Not surprisingly, the DVAC Male 40+ team heads the season ladder in their age division with a commanding points lead over Collingwood. The DVAC Female 40+ team is second on the season ladder, some 3000 points behind South Bendigo.


Female: U14 – 6th/28; U16 - 1st/31; U18 - 1st/32; U20 - 22nd/24; Open - 3rd/34; 40+ - 2nd/28

Male: U14 – 15th/26; U16 – 32nd/36; U18 – 11th/34; U20 – 4th/ 28; Open – 23rd/34; 40+ - 1st/42


Ivan Dodin (M60) made a remarkable return to competition in Round 8 following a lengthy layoff due to injury. In his first appearance for the season, Ivan showed what a quality athlete he is, earning a total of 1,324 points for the Round. Ivan earned points with the Discus, 47.77m (507); 200m 28.18 (438) and the Shot Put 7.75m (379).


Asher Andrews (MU18) won the Victorian MU18 Decathlon last weekend and probably deserved a rest. Fortunately for the Valley, Asher went back to work and completed five events for the day at Doncaster. Asher topped the MVA points for DVAC with points in the Javelin 48.52m (490); Long Jump 5.79m (415); & 100m 11.57 (450). Great results … but Asher would have got most joy from his new pb in the Pole Vault, 3.45m. Oh … he also ran the 110m Hurdles in 16.72.


There were a number of DVAC athletes who headed the performances for their events in their age division in AVSL Round 8. These athletes included:

Toby Hamilton: MU14 Javelin: 35.13m

Max Davidson: MU16 1500m Walk: 6:47.7

Asher Andrews: MU18 Javelin: 48.52m

Jamie Ritchie: FU14 100m: 13.66

Grace Robinson: FU14 800m: 2:26.01

Katie Oliver: FU18 100m: 12.63 & FU18 400m: 59.69

Vanessa Smith: FU18 Javelin: 36.76m

Rebecca Hvalica: FU16 100m: 12.84


Nicholas Goh (MOpen) had his first run in Valley colours in Round 8. Running in the 100m, Nicholas won his heat in 14.00.


    • Running a 100m in 10.51 is pretty special. That is what Saye Morris did at the Geelong venue. Only for a 2.9 tail wind it would have been a new DVAC club record for the Open Men 100m, currently held by Nathan Riali at 10.69.
    • Seeing Tim Logan line up for the 1500m is definitely special. It has been too long since we have seen Tim go around for DVAC. As it turned out he and Caden Murray went hammer & tongs with Caden (4:00.8) just edging ahead of Tim (4:01.9).
    • Alanna Green (FOpen) cleared 3.30m in the Pole Vault to open her account with DVAC. Elyssia Kenshole cleared 3.75m & Gaelyne Kenshole cleared 2.25m & Asher Andrews, 3.45m, to give DVAC quite a presence at the Pole Vault.
    • The ‘horde’ of F40+ Hammer Throwers was very special. Briony Rheuben led the ‘horde’ with 44.98m (506pts), followed by Anni Rowe, 36.85m, Gaelyne Kenshole, 19.00m, Michelle King, 15.44m, and Sarah Gittins, 12.86m. Collectively this ‘horde’ gathered 1598 points.
    • The ‘squad’ of FU18 sprinters went one better than the ‘horde’ of Hammer Throwers. Led by Katie Oliver (12.63), the Squad included Olivia Sheens (13.16), Mackenzie Genders(13.89), Tess Gillson (13.89), Annalise Jones (14.18), Thyra Abolencia (14.25) and Isabelle Brennan (14.85) and collectively this ‘squad’ earned 1,704 points in the 100m.


DVAC owes Thanks to the following for their generous assistance in Round 8:

Set up Sprint Hurdles: Max Balchin

Hammer Throw: Charmaine Smith, Paula Merino, Scott Barnes, Keira Sanchez, Anni Rowe, Andrew L’Estrange, Niluka Vidanapathirana, Matthew Hall, Sarah Gittins, Chris Whelan, Lyn Davis, Max Balchin

Lap Scoring: Lyn Davis

DVAC Tent: David Armstrong & Pack up team.

AV OFFICIALS – from the DVAC family:

It was great to see a number of DVAC people in their role as AV Officials at Doncaster. These included – Stuart Schnaars, Paul Schofield, Andrew Stirling, Rick Clarke, Jeff Hughes, Jane Lacock


Round 9 is a super challenge for DVAC. Somehow we need to get the members to either Werribee or Mt Evelyn for competition. Get your entries in by midday Wednesday.




Female OP
100m: Georgia Gillson 12.93 (-1.7); Elyssia Kenshole 12.98 (-1.6);
1500m: Sarah Papadopoulos 7:23.0h;
3000m Walk: Sarah Papadopoulos 20:47.3h;
Hammer: Sarah Papadopoulos 14.37m; Lucinda Derrett 30.77m;
Javelin: Elyssia Kenshole 12.69m; Lucinda Derrett 24.02m;
Pole Vault: Elyssia Kenshole 3.75m; Alana Green 3.30m;
Female 20
400m: Sugi Neecowen 63.15;
Female 18
100m: Katie Oliver 12.63 (-0.2); Olivia Sheens 13.16; Mackenzie Genders 13.89 (0.5); Tess Gillson 13.89 (0.5); Annalise Jones 14.18 (0.6); Thyra Abolencia 14.25 (0.3); Isabelle Brennan 14.85 (1.7);
400m: Katie Oliver 59.69; Tess Gillson 66.72;
100m Hurdles: Annalise Jones DNS;
Hammer: Vanessa Smith NM; Keira Sanchez 39.70m; Tara Smith 33.81m;
Javelin: Vanessa Smith 36.76m; Keira Sanchez 27.19m; Tara Smith 33.05m;
Long Jump: Vanessa Smith 3.81m; Tara Smith 3.69m; Mackenzie Genders 4.73m; Tess Gillson DNS; Thyra Abolencia 4.38m; Isabelle Brennan 4.09m;
Female 16
100m: Rebecca Hvalica 12.84 (-1.7); Ines Caton-Smith 14.18 (0.3); Liv Nicholls 14.19 (-2.5); Kirra Wright 15.98 (-1.3);
400m: Georgia L'Estrange 66.53;
1500m: Georgia L'Estrange 5:11.7h;
Hammer: Hanna Rowe 31.24m; Amelia Di Benedetto 22.25m;
Javelin: Amelia Di Benedetto 26.51m; Ines Caton-Smith 30.34m; Liv Nicholls 11.33m;
Long Jump: Kirra Wright 3.67m; Hanna Rowe 2.99m; Liv Nicholls 4.19m;
Female 14
100m: Jamie Ritchie 13.66 (-1.7); Aylaa Arunan 15.54 (1.0); Liezel Cilliers DNS;
400m: Matilda Johnson 64.22;
800m: Grace Robinson 2:26.01;
Javelin: Aylaa Arunan 17.29m;
Long Jump: Aylaa Arunan 3.80m; Liezel Cilliers 4.48m;
Female 40
100m: Meg Nicholls 16.83 (-0.9); Sarah Gittins 19.72 (0.4); Jo Moxon 20.74 (0.6);
400m: Michelle King 1:31.98; Jo Moxon 1:34.21; Debbie McKenzie 82.73; Meg Nicholls 89.69;
1500m: Debbie McKenzie 6:07.7h; Jo Moxon 7:07.3h; Michelle King 7:30.3h;
1500m Walk: Debbie McKenzie 10:07.6h; Jo Moxon 12:05.7h;
Hammer: Paula Merino 23.75m; Anni Rowe 36.85m; Sarah Gittins 12.86m; Gaelyne Kenshole 19.00m; Michelle King 15.44m; Briony Rheuben 44.98m;
Javelin: Debbie McKenzie 15.09m; Paula Merino 14.14m; Anni Rowe 12.35m; Sarah Gittins 8.48m; Gaelyne Kenshole 14.59m;
Long Jump: Sarah Gittins 1.79m; Gaelyne Kenshole DQ; Meg Nicholls 3.25m;
Pole Vault: Gaelyne Kenshole 2.25m;
Male OP
100m: Saye Morris 10.51 (2.9); Nicholas Goh 14.00 (-0.1);
200m: Saye Morris DNS;
400m: Caden Murray 56.67;
1500m: Caden Murray 4:00.8h; Tim Logan 4:01.9h;
Male 20
100m: Zack Lambie 11.77 (-0.5); Hayden Moon 11.88 (-0.9); James Hurley 12.39 (-0.6); Dillon Vidanapathirana 13.77 (-0.6);
400m: Dillon Vidanapathirana 62.56;
Long Jump: Dillon Vidanapathirana 3.34m; James Hurley 5.72m; Harley Gilbert DNS;
Male 18
100m: Asher Andrews 11.57 (-0.4);
400m: Rhodri Whelan 63.81; Jordan Rudd 66.79;
1500m: Rhodri Whelan 4:40.1h; Jordan Rudd 5:19.9h;
110m Hurdles: Asher Andrews 16.72 (-0.3);
Javelin: Asher Andrews 48.52m; Rowan Fletcher 34.31m;
Long Jump: Jordan Rudd 4.13m; Asher Andrews 5.79m; Rhodri Whelan 3.39m; Rowan Fletcher DNS;
Pole Vault: Asher Andrews 3.45m;
Male 16
200m: Felix Morgan 30.10 (0.8);
800m: Felix Morgan 2:36.36;
1500m Walk: Max Davidson 6:47.7h;
Male 14
100m: Jesse Porter 14.22 (-0.1);
1500m Walk: Jaime Hvalica 7:44.5h;
Javelin: Toby Hamilton 35.13m;
Long Jump: Toby Hamilton DNS;
Male 40
100m: Lalith Udugampala 12.86 (-0.4); Michael Constantine 13.36 (1.0); Kaden Hutchings 13.48 (1.0); Michael Cavanagh 13.68 (+0.0); Darren Rudd 14.22 (1.0); Greg Luck 15.34 (1.0); Cyrus Wong 15.36 (-0.1); Alan Abolencia 16.20 (-0.6); Lyal Douglas 16.58 (-0.6); Greg Champion 16.59 (-0.6); Andrew McKenzie 17.77 (1.2);
200m: Ivan Dodin 28.16 (-1.5);
400m: Damien Cusack 63.85; Daniel Rees 69.26; Lyal Douglas 72.60; Greg Luck 76.11; Andrew McKenzie 81.95;
1500m: Damien Cusack 4:50.1h; Daniel Rees 4:57.5h; Scott Barnes 5:44.7h; Andrew McKenzie 5:52.0h; Cyrus Wong 6:18.5h; Lyal Douglas 7:03.5h;
100m Hurdles: Greg Champion 23.54; Lalith Udugampala DNS;
1500m Walk: Bernie Keirl 9:08.5h;
Discus: Bruce Wood 28.86m; Colin Newman 28.40m; Ivan Dodin 47.77m;
Hammer: Arunan Arumainayagam 17.61m; Bruce Wood 20.11m; Jeff Young DNS; Colin Newman 35.82m; Lalith Udugampala 22.17m; Alan Abolencia 13.28m;
Javelin: Arunan Arumainayagam 27.97m; Bruce Wood 21.01m; Kaden Hutchings 23.91m; Damien Cusack 27.99m; Lalith Udugampala 38.27m; Cyrus Wong 26.06m; Alan Abolencia 28.15m;
Long Jump: Greg Luck 3.39m; Daniel Rees 3.64m; Kaden Hutchings 3.88m; Lalith Udugampala 4.59m; Cyrus Wong 3.50m; Darren Rudd 4.27m; Michael Constantine 4.20m;
Shot Put: Bruce Wood 8.99m; Colin Newman 12.06m; Ivan Dodin 7.75m;


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