Published Sun 21 Jan 2024


With the metropolitan venues at Werribee and Mt Evelyn, AVSL Rd 9 was always going to be a battle for DVAC to take the top points in the Premier Division. As it turned out, the 64 DVAC athletes (34 Female & 28 Male) did well to accumulate a total score of 45,595 points for the day, but it was no match for the might of Eaglehawk who dominated the round with 55,913 points.

The challenge is in front of the Valley to pull out all stops and produce a winning score at Doncaster in Round 10 on Saturday 3 February when we get to use our Powerplay. If DVAC can do that and double the 10 points to take us to 105 points for the season, we would go into Rounds 11 and 12 with a slender 2 point lead over Eaglehawk. A win in one of the final two rounds would be enough to earn the Premiership for season 2023/2024. There is only one thing necessary for that to happen – that DVAC athletes turn out in force to support their club.


The Valley Women 40+ team had nine warriors accumulate 6,830 points in Round 9 to head the F40+ ladder for the round. They have now moved into second place on the season ladder, only 1,767 points behind South Bendigo. The nine team members who contributed in Round 9 were Debbie McKenzie (966pts); Anni Rowe (908); Kate Ryan (887); Gaelyne Kenshole (839); Meg Nicholls (674); Paula Merino (670); Jo Moxon (747); Sarah Gittins (532) and Michelle King (380). Imagine the results if all nineteen DVAC F40+ list turned out for the final three rounds!


Female: U14 – 10th/28; U16 - 1st/32; U18 - 1st/32; U20 – 19th/24; Open – 7th/34; 40+ - 1st/32

Male: U14 – 16th/24; U16 – 27th/29; U18 – 19th/30; U20 – 5th/ 28; Open – 26th/34; 40+ - 1st/36


There were a number of DVAC athletes who headed the performances for their events in their age division in AVSL Round 9. These athletes included:

Zoey Ryan: MU16 Hammer Throw: 42.72m

Max Davidson: MU16 3000m Walk: 14:30.00 (Personal best time)

Jamie Hvalica: MU14 1500m Walk: 7:49.1

Jamie Ritchie: FU14 200m: 27.75

Tara Smith: FU18 Javelin: 33.47m

Aylaa Arunan: FU14 High Jump: 1.30m

Lucy Johns: FU16 1500m Walk:8:31.2


A special achievement happened late in the afternoon at the Werribee track. Adam Scott crossed the finish line at the end of a 400m and was clocked at 58.31 seconds. A sub 59.4 second 400m had long been a goal for Adam but his journey to achieving this has been a supreme test of resilience and dedication.


I attended Little Aths for my home club Langwarrin, where I lived walking distance from training. I remember arriving with a grin from ear to ear....I also remember being so excited I went to bed in my athletics gear on Friday night....I can't remember a pb for 400 but I can recall my pb in the 800m was 2:44 and I did 31.1 in the 200m...

I did Little Aths from U8 to U12.

Fast forward to my late 40s and I began at DVAC with similar excitement.

Sadly one week before last season I broke my leg in a motorcycle...ummm...error.... and smashed the Tibia plateau and cracked the tibia, and tore every ligament and tendon.

I tried to stand but my knee bent inwards like a rubber band. I was only able to walk whilst holding my hand against the joint like a splint.

As I lay at the Austin holding area, pondering a future unable to run...let alone walk properly, the nurse/physio asked if I played sport. I mentioned aths and she said she used to run for DVAC and her pet event was the 400m. She said, "You will run track again: you just need to nail the physio."

Well I burst into tears right in front of her...yes a grown man having a sookie lala moment. I decided from then that my goal was to return and run a pb in at least one event. The 400m was my aim given the slightly less joint stress compared to the sprints. I finally achieved that goal, bettering my time of 59.4 set in March 2022, to Saturday's 58.31. Needless to say I was ecstatic.”

“Advice for younger athletes? Even if you're injured and your leg or arm bends the opposite way, an almost full recovery is possible if you want it bad enough. Never underestimate the power of the mind!”


T20 3000m 11:54.29 Jordan Rudd-old record 12.00.1h Jordan Rudd 2023.

M65 Discus(1kg) 31.95m Bruce Wood - old record 31.82 Bruce Wood 2022.

(Greg Luck)


  • Thyra Abolencia (FU18) had a good day at Werribee in Round 9: she ran the 100m in 14.49; was a member of the DVAC FU18 4x100m Relay team and landed a Long Jump at 4.22m. But none of these gave Thyra as much joy as finding her favourite Necklace in the Long Jump pit after her event.
  • Fleur Owen (FU20) ran her first 1500m and handled the testing conditions superbly. At one stage, Fleur took the lead in her heat. Fleur completed the 1500m in 5:52.33.
  • There were eight DVAC athletes who scored over 1000 points in Round 9. At the head of the Valley list was Lalith Udugampala on 1,291 points: then came Bruce Wood (1,251); Ivan Dodin (1,190); Tara Smith (1,187); Zoey Ryan (1,164); Darren Rudd (1,154); Vanessa Smith (1,152); and Adam Scott (1,107). Well done to everyone who competed in Round 9.
  • In Round 8 Alan Abolencia (M40+) had a HUGE pb with the Javelin, sending it out 28.15m. In Round 9, Alan continued his rapid progress with a Throw of 30.90m. Sarah Gittins (F40+) was another Valley athlete to pb with the Javelin, posting a new pb of 10.20m.
  • Thanks to David Armstrong for setting the DVAC area at Werribee up so well. Great to see Valley people acting in their role as AV Officials at Werribee – these included Paul Schofield, Jane Lacock, and Jeff Hughes.


Saturday 20 January 2024

Werribee & Mt Evelyn Venues

DVAC Results:

Female OP
200m: Georgia Gillson 26.10 (+0.0);
1500m: Sarah Papadopoulos 8:01.50;
3000m Walk: Sarah Papadopoulos 21:47.7h;
Discus: Sarah Papadopoulos 13.73m; Lucinda Derrett DNF;
Shot Put: Elyssia Kenshole 9.94m; Lucinda Derrett 8.30m; Georgia Gillson 7.25m;
Female 20
400m: Sugi Neecowen 65.05;
1500m: Fleur Owen 5:52.33;
Female 18
100m: Katie Oliver 12.75 (-0.4); Olivia Sheens 13.33 (-2.0); Thyra Abolencia 14.49 (-2.0); Alexia Moxon 15.90;
200m: Tess Gillson 28.14 (1.5); Annalise Jones 29.90 (2.3);
400m: Katie Oliver 60.54;
800m: Annalise Jones 3:12.03;
1500m: Ella Littlehales 5:39.63;
4x100m: (Tara Smith, Vanessa Smith, Alexia Moxon, Thyra Abolencia) 60.94;
Discus: Vanessa Smith 24.01m; Alexia Moxon 12.74m; Tara Smith 23.72m;
Hammer: Keira Sanchez 38.40m;
High Jump: Vanessa Smith 1.40m; Alexia Moxon 1.20m; Tara Smith 1.40m;
Javelin: Vanessa Smith 31.23m; Tara Smith 33.47m;
Long Jump: Alexia Moxon 3.80m; Thyra Abolencia 4.22m;
Shot Put: Keira Sanchez 9.99m; Tess Gillson 7.84m;
Female 16
100m: Rebecca Hvalica 12.91 (-0.4); Lucy Johns 17.55 (-3.2);
200m: Zoey Ryan 30.44 (3.3); Liv Nicholls 31.90 (3.3);
400m: Lucy Johns 79.45;
1500m: Lucy Johns 6:15.74;
1500m Walk: Lucy Johns 8:31.2h;
Hammer: Zoey Ryan 42.72m; Hanna Rowe 36.82m;
High Jump: Liv Nicholls 1.35m;
Javelin: Amelia Di Benedetto 27.45m; Ines Caton-Smith 32.06m;
Shot Put: Zoey Ryan 9.22m; Hanna Rowe 7.44m; Amelia Di Benedetto 8.49m; Teagan Corden DNS;
Triple Jump: Zoey Ryan 8.25m; Teagan Corden DNS; Liv Nicholls 8.85m;
Female 14
100m: Aylaa Arunan 15.88 (-2.9);
200m: Jamie Ritchie 27.75 (+0.0);
Discus: Aylaa Arunan 13.12m;
High Jump: Aylaa Arunan 1.30m;
Javelin: Aylaa Arunan 17.30m;
Long Jump: Aylaa Arunan 3.99m;
Female 40
100m: Sarah Gittins 21.01 (-4.6); Jo Moxon 21.96 (-3.8);
200m: Kate Ryan 35.03 (1.7); Meg Nicholls 37.68 (1.3);
400m: Jo Moxon 1:32.86; Michelle King 89.51;
800m: Debbie McKenzie 2:58.24; Kate Ryan 3:09.60;
1500m: Jo Moxon 7:02.63; Michelle King 7:25.42;
5000m: Debbie McKenzie 23:38.42;
1500m Walk: Jo Moxon 11:11.1h;
4x400m: (Kate Ryan, Debbie McKenzie, Meg Nicholls, Gaelyne Kenshole) 5:46.63;
Discus: Paula Merino 16.60m; Anni Rowe 21.92m; Sarah Gittins 13.26m; Kate Ryan 16.35m; Gaelyne Kenshole 18.93m;
Hammer: Anni Rowe 38.38m;
Javelin: Sarah Gittins 10.20m; DNS;
Long Jump: Sarah Gittins DNS;
Shot Put: Debbie McKenzie 6.16m; Paula Merino 6.52m; Anni Rowe 7.86m; Kate Ryan 6.70m; Gaelyne Kenshole 8.01m; Meg Nicholls 5.65m;
Triple Jump: Gaelyne Kenshole SCR; Meg Nicholls 7.47m;
Male OP
100m: Joshua Scott 13.33 (-4.2);
5000m: Blake Barnes 16:23.66;
4x100m: (Dillon Vidanapathirana, Alan Abolencia, Michael Constantine, Joshua Scott) 55.75;
Javelin: Joshua Scott 27.82m;
Long Jump: Joshua Scott 4.51m (1.3);
Male 20
100m: James Hurley 12.54 (-3.1); Dillon Vidanapathirana 13.55 (-4.8);
200m: Harley Gilbert 26.03 (0.1);
400m: Dillon Vidanapathirana 64.90;
High Jump: James Hurley 1.55m;
Long Jump: Dillon Vidanapathirana 3.21m; James Hurley 5.78m;
Triple Jump: Harley Gilbert 11.62m;
Male 18
200m: Rhodri Whelan 28.51 (1.6);
800m: Jordan Rudd 2:30.42;
3000m: Rhodri Whelan 10:01.90; Jordan Rudd 11:54.29;
Shot Put: Rhodri Whelan 4.98m;
Triple Jump: Jordan Rudd 9.07m;
Male 16
3000m Walk: Max Davidson 14:30.0h;
Male 14
200m: Jesse Porter 28.66 (0.8);
1500m Walk: Jaime Hvalica 7:49.1h;
Shot Put: Joshua Corden DNS;
Triple Jump: Joshua Corden DNS;
Male 40
100m: Lalith Udugampala 13.32 (-4.8); Michael Constantine 13.55 (-4.0); Ivan Dodin 13.71 (-4.2); Chris Boyne 13.91 (-4.2); Adam Scott 13.95 (-2.5); Greg Luck 15.61 (-4.0); Cyrus Wong 15.70 (-2.2); Alan Abolencia 16.27 (-2.2); <


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